Monday, September 13, 2010

One of the Best Days

I thought I should probably post this for my own benefit since this is turning into a baby book of sorts. I wish I could go back to this day. It was a long day but a great day!


  1. Kim and Mark, You are very special parents of a beautiful baby girl from God. He will be with you always as you provide a wonderful home full of love,joy,respect and happiness for Chloe and all who enter there.I enjoyed the Baby Book you fixed.

  2. It seems like just yesterday we were all waiting and waiting and waiting. Of course I expected Chloe to be just like her mom...doing things at her own pace.
    Love the song you picked to go with the video. The whole thing made my eyes a little dewey! :) Thank you and Mark for bringing Little Miss Chloe into the world!!

  3. KIm!!! Your video just made me cry! I am sure Chloe will love watching this when she is older. Good job on the video editing. :)

  4. Hi Kim, I thought I'd share this with you (since you mentioned that your blog is turning into a baby book of sorts)... IF you eventually find yourself wanting to print your blog into a book:

    You can actually preview how the book will look like now and flip through the pages... quite cool actually. The only thing is, of course, we will be losing the videos in a book. That's all, just sharing. Cheers! :)


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