Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Big Bed Switch

On Chloe's 2nd birthday, we made the switch from crib to full-size bed. We chose to skip over the toddler bed because we already had a full-size mattress. I wasn't too concerned about the switch, but I did worry a little that she might take advantage of her crib-less freedom.

all stretched out on her full size bed

The only indication she gave of missing her crib was when she walked into the room while we were taking it apart. She looked at Mark and said, "Oh no. Where bed go? It broken." She was more concerned about finder her Minnie Mouse that usually resides in her crib. Lucky for her it was resting on her toy box. :)

That night we put her to bed using our same routine. Only one change was made...Mark and I were in her bed with her for story time. We left the room with her awake after singing the Alphabet song, saying prayers and giving kisses. I expected her to try and get up at least a few times, but she fell asleep as quickly and easily as she always does.

In the mornings, she stays in her bed until I come get her. I don't think this will last. I suspect she will quickly learn that she can get up without my help. We do have a baby gate up so she is quarantined in her own area of the house. I do this because we have a staircase and I don't want her going downstairs by herself.

The second and third nights/mornings have gone just as easily as the first. The only 'issue' (if you even want to call it an issue) has been nap time. She does try and get up a few times. I simply go to the door and tell her to lie down. She does and she's quickly asleep.

I'm glad this switch has gone so well. At about 36" (3 feet) tall, Chloe was getting too big for her crib!

On decorating the room: We decided not to paint or change much other than the furniture. I officially passed down my great grandmother's furniture that had been given to me by my mom. I wanted the bed spread to be antique looking like the furniture and I couldn't really find anything. Luckily, my mom mentioned that she had a yellow lace bedspread that was sewn for her by the same great grandmother. So Chloe is using it.

we have a bed rail. i took it down for picture purposes.

look at all those books! it makes me so happy.

toy corner
I still have a few things to finish in the room. I want to hang some more stuff on the walls, particularly over her headboard. I also need to switch her bookshelf out with the one that matches her furniture. But, you get the just of her 'newish' room.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Birthday Weekend (Part 2)

We cooked out on Saturday night and tried to get some rest for Sunday's festivities. Sunday was our beach day. We drove to Galveston because Mark has never seen Chloe play on the beach. Normally the beaches aren't as dirty as they were Memorial Day Weekend. For some reason, the beach was covered in seaweed. It was everywhere including the surf.

Shorty is cleaning the beach...

Pop and Chloe

wading through the seaweed

Pop building a castle.

Shorty tackled Pop and we all got a good laugh!

We had a long drive back to Austin on Sunday and were sad to leave Shorty and Pop.But, Monday we woke up and visited Don-Don and Glammy.

Talking to Aunt Ellen on the phone.

Don-Don helping Chloe unwrap presents.

It was a bubble leaf blower!

Singing Happy Birthday

Making a wish

Meltdown of the century.
We had to leave Glammy's house because Chloe had the worst fit I have ever seen. Not sure but it could have something to do with the fact that she didn't take a nap three days in a row. Still, it was a fun time! Chloe had a grand second birthday!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Birthday Weekend (Part 1)

We decided against a birthday party this year. We did this for a few reasons. One was that Chloe won't remember this birthday and we wanted to spend the party money making memories on something we could all enjoy. A party is a lot of work for moms and dads.

Instead we went to visit Shorty and Pop in League City for the weekend and enjoyed a birthday lunch with Don-Don and Glammy in Austin on Monday.

Friday we went to the Aquarium restaurant. It's a good thing we chose that place. It gave Chloe entertainment. She was so tired from our trip she didn't even touch her dinner and she was pretty crabby. If we had been anywhere else, it would have been meltdown central. She did really well considering.

Walking to the Aquarium

She didn't even drink her CHOCOLATE milk!

my brother and my husband are strange.

Chloe and the boys

she had to keep moving so she wouldn't fall asleep.

uncle Josh teaching her how to walk a wall.
On Saturday, we woke up, opened presents, ate cupcakes and went to the Houston Zoo. Chloe took a cat nap on dad's shoulder as we were leaving the zoo, but refused to take a real nap later. She was worn out.

getting good at opening presents

blowing out the candles

not a fan of the merry-go-round on this day

she had to pet every. single. goat. at the petting zoo.

Chloe said, "Dora so big!"

Meerkats are always a favorite of this girl.

Pop, Shorty, Chloe and Mark

already asleep and we haven't left the zoo.

To be Continued...

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Second Birthday, Chloe!


Today is your second birthday. I can hardly believe that you've outgrown being a baby; although, you'll always be our baby.

You are a spirited toddler. You love to laugh and follow most things you say with a hardy chuckle. You are going to have your mom's temper (that she inherited from your Pop). It's not a mean temper, but you wear your emotions on your sleeve and are not afraid to express your discontent with a situation.

You know what you want. Your vocabulary is beyond your years. I have no idea how many words you can say because there are literally too many to count. You will repeat almost anything that I ask you to repeat and can speak to me in simple, complete sentences. On Tuesday you told me, "Get up, Mommy" because you wanted to go outside. You regularly tell me that "I want Goldfish" and also ask, "Where daddy go?" And those are just a few examples.

I think your ability to express yourself verbally has helped with temper tantrums. You don't seem to have the terrible two fits. Don't get me wrong, you can slam yourself down and scream with the best of them, but you don't have as many fits as I expected. (Maybe I speak to soon.) I believe it's because you can tell us what you want and we understand you.

You prefer to be outside playing rather than inside playing house or watching tv. You do have a few stuffed animals that you are rarely without...Minnie Mouse, Tickle Monkey (TT) and Tasha (from Backyardigans). You like to draw with crayons, on your Magnadoodle or with sidewalk chalk. You hate to have dirty hands. If you even get a little dirt on them, you want them washed immediately. "Oh no, I dirty" is your command for washing your hands.

You love books and are so smart. You can count to 10 and have started saying some numbers in the teens. You know most of the alphabet song. You can sing most of 'Twinkle, Twinkle' and 'Ring around the Rosie'.

You have such an beautiful imagination. You pretend a lot. It's very evident that you are playing make believe. An example, would be when you run around the backyard yelling, "oh no, Swiper get you." (Swiper is the fox on the cartoon Dora the Explorer)

Even though I see the tomboy side of you, I will be the first to admit that I'm in over my head in the girly department. You LOVE pretty things. You might be more into shoes than your Shorty. You love purses, sunglasses and jewelry. I'm pretty sure you are going to be a sassy little thing. I'm sure I'll learn a lot from you over the next few years.

I could go on and on about you, Chloe. I'm trying to be brief. You are happy, happy, happy. I want that to continue throughout your life. Be happy!

Love Always,

Mom and Dad

Friday, May 25, 2012

It's Official:

Chloe was born.

Almost two years to the day later, I have received Chloe's birth certificate. I haven't needed a copy so I never ordered one.

Then I realized that if an emergency arose and we needed to hop a plan somewhere, I might not be able to get her on board. So in accordance with the Boy Scout motto to always be prepared, we are now ready for anything. Ha

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Backyard Fun

Chloe loves to be in the water as long as it's not swimming lessons. Today we spent some time outside playing in her new pool. We enjoyed lots of scooping, pouring and splashing. We also rescued the occasional bug from drowning and made life rafts from leaves.

And my daughter does own a bathing suit. It's easier to do diaper swimming in the backyard. She goes in and out of the house a lot. I know you moms understand. ha.

edited to add this: How funny that a year ago tomorrow I posted this. She looks so much smaller in those pictures. It's amazing how much things change in what seems like the blink of an eye. Two years ago today, I was impatiently awaiting the arrival of Chloe and hoping she wouldn't make it quite to her due date.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Second Mother's Day

The Granthamaniacs had a good Mother's Day. It entailed Sunday brunch, a visit with Mark's parents, yard work (yes) and lots of playing in the backyard. Mark asked me what I wanted to do and I told him yard work. I spent the early afternoon picking up the backyard and mowing while Chloe took a nap. It was the best kind of day.


We played with bubbles after Chloe woke up. She can now blow bubbles by herself. What a big girl!! I can't believe she'll be two in two weeks. Time flies when you are having fun!