Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Birthday Weekend (Part 2)

We cooked out on Saturday night and tried to get some rest for Sunday's festivities. Sunday was our beach day. We drove to Galveston because Mark has never seen Chloe play on the beach. Normally the beaches aren't as dirty as they were Memorial Day Weekend. For some reason, the beach was covered in seaweed. It was everywhere including the surf.

Shorty is cleaning the beach...

Pop and Chloe

wading through the seaweed

Pop building a castle.

Shorty tackled Pop and we all got a good laugh!

We had a long drive back to Austin on Sunday and were sad to leave Shorty and Pop.But, Monday we woke up and visited Don-Don and Glammy.

Talking to Aunt Ellen on the phone.

Don-Don helping Chloe unwrap presents.

It was a bubble leaf blower!

Singing Happy Birthday

Making a wish

Meltdown of the century.
We had to leave Glammy's house because Chloe had the worst fit I have ever seen. Not sure but it could have something to do with the fact that she didn't take a nap three days in a row. Still, it was a fun time! Chloe had a grand second birthday!


  1. I have never seen that much sea weed either but I don't really want to. Chloe looks so cute in her swimsuit. She gets so much out of new adventures. Hope Shorty didn't get hurt but I know She enjoyed giving POP a big surprise. Glad you got to see Marks parents and have a Birthday cake for Chloe to have to eat and open her present.Did she sing too? She earned those tears. What a special weekend you gave to her. The pictures are great for all the family.


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