Monday, March 29, 2010

Too Cute!

This is a picture that Chandy had taken at her shower. Chandy is the one in the middle, Melissa is the one on the right and I'm the one on the left.

Here are the details that make this so cute (or at least I think so).  All three of our 'baby daddies' played lacrosse together at Texas Tech. Melissa is due in April, I am due in May and Chandy is due in early July. Almost exactly a month between each of our due dates...way to go lacrosse guys!! Melissa and Eric will be having a little girl (Ella Kate), Chandy and Zach are having a boy (Rocco) and Mark and I are having a girl (Chloe). I can't wait to get these cute kiddos together for playdates!

I'm so thankful that Chandy thought to have this picture's going in the baby book for sure!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

One Weekend Off

I finally had a weekend off! Mark and I quickly decided that this weekend would be less about relaxing and more about scrambling to tie up loose ends around the house. First project...tiling the guest bathroom. To those of you that had to use the disgusting mess we called a guest bathroom, I am eternally sorry. The bathroom looked like it had never been cleaned (for the record, I had scrubbed multiple times and the mold/mildew and stains were not coming off).

Both pictures are before...

We will have the tub refinished in the next few weeks. Then we will paint the walls and the cabinets and change the faucet on the sink so that Chloe can have a cute, clean bathroom to primp in (don't tell her dad that I said primp).

My handsome hubby hard at work...

My projects were a little easier this weekend. I spent the entire time deep cleaning and doing laundry. I also bought a few storage pieces for Chloe's room and tried to finish hanging the decorations. I still have a little left to do but I'm going to try and wait for the shower to be over so that I know what I'm working with as far as organizing goes. We have 9 weeks left and we are so ready to hold her!

I'm going to take a moment now to rave about my awesome husband! I could not have asked for a better partner through all of this! Without being asked, he has helped pick up around the house, cook, clean, and do laundry. He has been getting the projects that I deem urgent completed so that when Chloe gets here we can spend time with her instead of working around the house. I can't think of single time that he has complained about any of it. Except yesterday when he had to use the tile saw in the cold weather. It's never fun to be wet and cold. I'm sure that in his nightmares he hears me say, "Babe, can you do me a favor?" His answer is always, "Anything for you." What a great guy with amazing hubby skills! I can't wait to see him use his daddy skills.
Lastly, we went to the lake for a bit today. It was pretty cold today but that didn't stop Clyde from jetting out into the cold lake. What a goofball!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chloe update and a Movie Review

I had another doctor's appointment today. This time I had to take the Dextrose test to make sure that I'm not diabetic. I also had to get the ROGAM shot since I have a negative blood type and Mark has a positive blood type. 

Chloe was so cute today. When the nurse was trying to check her heartrate, she started moving all over the place. The nurse was literally chasing her around my stomach with the doppler. I could feel it and was wondering if the nurse was noticing. Sure enough, the nurse started laughing and said, "She's moving a lot today!" I'm sure it had nothing to do with the sugarwater I had to drink before I went into the appointment ;)

I was very excited/nervous when the doctor said that I should schedule out the rest of my appointments! The days of monthly appointments are over which means Chloe will be here very soon!!!


I wanted to share a cute movie with you all. I am a sucker for cartoons. I love them and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I have been afraid to watch the movie 'Up' since (a) I'm overly emotional (b) thought it would bring up emotions that I would rather not deal with right now and (c) out of respect for Mark (I always cry during Disney movies and I feel utterly ridiculous when cry about cartoons; poor Mark is the one that has to hold me while I sob and I know he probably would rather not so I try and spare him).

Despite the fact that I was bawling uncontrolably less than 5 minutes into it, I love the movie. No wonder it's up for Acedemy awards. It's the best cartoon I've seen in a long, long time. It's pretty funny and Mark was even laughing out loud at some parts. He won't admit it but I'm pretty sure he liked the movie, too.

I don't want to give anything away but I have to share my favorite part.  Ellie leaves a note to her husband, which he finds later. It says, "Thanks for the adventure. Now go have one of your own." I'm tearing up just thinking about that part of the movie.

You have to see this movie if you haven't yet. Trust me. I AM NOT an expert!