Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Did it! Pin it.

I think Pinterest was the best thing to happen to social media in a while.  I've tried of a lot of things that I've pinned. I really feel like I should be blogging about what works and what doesn't. This is the project that I just completed today.

I'm not a great seamstress. I can work my sewing machine, but I can't do anything that's very complicated. I can sew a hem, make a baby blanket, I've attempted a robe that turned out o.k. and I've failed at making myself a dress.

When I found this tutorial for making a skirt, I decided to use the scrap fabric that I used for my failed dress to make Chloe one. It turned out really cute! It was one of the easiest things I've ever made. I did make it a little too big and she might be wearing it until she's 4. The good news is I learned from my mistake. Next time, I will make the elastic adjustable...something I've seen my mom do with a button.

The blogger's site that I found the tutorial at was LaForce Be with You. Cool name right? She's got lots of cute ideas on her blog. You should check it out!

Post Valentine's Post

Yesterday was beautiful here. We had a few days of colder, rainy weather. The warmth and sun was a welcome relief. We played outside in the yard for a bit after we walked to the mailbox. Chloe is my little nature lover. It makes me happy!

This is what Chloe wore for Valentine's Day. My mom made the shirt for her. It's cute and I'm pretty sure that she'll be able to wear it next year. We just have to keep the stains off it.

she doesn't like being told to stand still

always inspecting something.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope Cupid is treating you all well. Personally, I'm not a van of Valentine's Day. But, I celebrate it every year because I'm a sucker for the pink and red color combination...and it gives me an excuse to cook something 'special.'

I can't seem to find the time to sit down and write a proper post. I did take some pictures of Chloe playing in the yard today. I still have to edit those before I post them. So for now, this is what you'll get.

Valentine's Day in Granthamania:

My funny valentine.

Valentine's Day dinner
Dinner was chicken cordon bleu, mashed potatoes (from scratch) and roasted green beans and mushrooms.

There is no way to tell you how absolutely to-die-for the chicken was. The gravy was amazing and I am currently trying to figure out a way to make it without having to cook the chicken.

 These are champagne cupcakes. They were lots of fun to make. Don't worry, though. Chloe had ice cream instead. She's still got about 19 years before she can have these...

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ziploc Art

It's been a while since I posted pictures of Chloe. So, today I thought I could share our morning craft.

Another great idea from Pinterest just got put to use in our household. Who knew Chloe was a budding little Picasso? You can go straight to the 'Color in a Bag' link on Disney's FamilyFun site, but read through this post first because I made a mistake.

Or don't. You're probably smarter than me.
Ingredients: 4c water, 1c corn starch, 1/2c sugar, food coloring, Ziploc bags,
packing tape.
I'm not going to give the step by step. But you cook the sugar, water and corn starch for about 30 min. {Please go read the directions if you are going to try this.}

What is this?

Her Backyardigan is helping her out.

Here is where you can tell I messed up. The first two bags I made a solid color. There is only green in bag 1 and only pink in bag 2. You are supposed to mix the colors. Put multiple colors in one bag. I fixed it in the picture below. Of course, Chloe didn't seem to mind the mix up. She was more into the texture of the Ziploc goo bag than swirling the colors together.

This is the correct way to bag the goo.

Honestly, I thought this would be more fun. I spent more time making the project than Chloe did playing with it. It was worth a shot?

Good news is that the site claims the stuff lasts a week. Maybe we'll get more use out of it.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Summer Daze Shopping Spree

The weather has been so wonderful here in Austin. In fact, we haven't really had much winter weather at all. Most of the days have been around 50-70 degrees. That's pretty warm for us this time of year. I'm not complaining because I really hate being cold. But, this weather is making me really ready for summer weather. I have spring fever so bad. It is this condition that has caused me to make the following purchases:

One of Chloe's new bathing suits. Both suit and cover up were 9.99 on Zulily
A 16.99 purchase on Zulily. Hope it fits. 

My new 'covers more than a bikini, but still feel like I'm wearing a bikini' suit.
If the bathing suit fits nice, I'm going to order another color.

Bathing suit season is still another 4 months away. Not sure I'll be able to wait that long to try out our new suits. Good thing our gym has an indoor recreation pool.

I want to know if you have any favorite online shopping sites? I'm tired of going to the mall and never finding anything I like...