Friday, July 27, 2012


Things are still bananas around here. We had an offer on the house. It is NOT sold. It's a looong story and one I don't want to revisit, so I'm not going to write about it today.

While you wait for a legitimate update to this blog, I give you this:


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The past month has been...

CrAzY to say the least. I've had a few people (mostly family members) request an update. The thing is I have not had time. Seriously. I have not had time. Why not? A few reasons.

First, we have been driving all over the country. First a trip to Duncan to see Mark's Granddad who isn't doing very well. Then a trip to Houston to see Shorty and Pop.

The trip to see Shorty and Pop was cut a few hours short because we learned Mark had been promoted at Ebay and we decided to put our house on the market. With loan rates at a record low, it is time to upgrade to our (hopefully) forever home. So I left Houston early to come clean up our house for showing. Hopefully, I can bring an update on this soon!! For now, we are still living in our trusty first home.
she's been good to our little family

In addition, we signed up for a cruise in September. This has caused me to go on a workout bender. I'm gonna be looking hot in a bikini. I started a bootcamp and have been working by legs and arms off. At least if they literally fall off, I'll weigh a good 30 pounds less. Right?

Lastly and most importantly, this little girl is potty trained. 100%. She has had one accident since our trip to Duncan in June. She asks me to go. I don't even have to remind her; although, I do on occasion. I'm so proud of her! Her pediatrician couldn't believe it.

sidewalk chalk paint

 enjoying  Popsicle on July 4th

hanging with Granny in Duncan