Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

I want to post some pictures of Chloe's Easter outfit. We had a really fun Easter. Hopefully, I can post the video of her very first egg hunt someday soon. My talented mom made Chloe's dress, again!

Squinting into the sun...

On our way to visit Shorty and Pop in Houston, we had to stop and see some bluebonnets. I'm not really happy with the photos. The sun was way too high in the sky and with a child that never sits still you are never be too far away from the highway. So after a few stressful minutes of taking pictures, we loaded back in the car and I never got the shot I wanted. That's ok. She's cute anyway and the bluebonnets will be back again next year.

Proof my child never sits still and will be a track star someday.