Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Toddling in the park...

My baby is getting so big. She no longer needs mom or dad to go down the slide. She can do it all by herself (as long as we are close enough to catch her). It makes me so nervous, but Chloe is fearless. One of the earliest qualities of Chloe's personality I recognized was her independence. It's a trait I hope she develops further as she grows older. Somehow I doubt that will be a problem. Although, her self-assured, independence does have it's draw backs. I feel like I'm losing my 'baby' faster than some parents.

Chloe gets so excited when she thinks she's going to get to slide. She'll cry at the back door and say "shide" --her word for slide-- and then frantically yell, "weeee, weeee." She does the same thing when you go for a walk and she sees the playground.

Today her favorite thing was going up and down the stairs of the slide. After about ten minutes she got braver than I am willing to allow. She was trying to walk down the stairs rather than scoot on her bottom. So, we had to pack it up and leave. She was not pleased. I was happy we didn't have to go to the emergency room for stitches because my child knows no limits (the reason my hair is getting bleached...to cover up the grey this child is already giving me). haha


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Monday, September 19, 2011

Rubbing Elbows with Celebs...

Well, it’s not quite as glamourous as the title suggests, but it was fun!

Our family had a big week! Last Thursday, Bug and I went to the Dell Children’s Museum with Ashauntee and Kennedy. While we were playing in the cave area, I noticed Sandra Bullock’s son. I assumed she wasn’t there and he was with a nanny, but as Bug continued to run around Louis (Sandra’s son) and I chased her...I noticed I was running back and forth along where Sandra was standing. I totally freaked. I grabbed the Bug and took off to the other side of the museum. I didn’t want Sandra to think I was stalking her. ha. Somewhere in all my geeking out, we lost Ashauntee and Kennedy. While they were looking for us, Sandra looked at Kennedy and said, “did you lose your friend?”

Am I totally lame for thinking...OMG-Sandra noticed our kids!

Later that evening my hubby and I went to the Mike Leach book signing where we got our signed copies of ‘Swing your Sword.’

Team Leach!

Today at the gym, as always, I saw Joey Kramer (the drummer for Aerosmith).

Celebrity count since last Thursday? 3

Just think, if we had gone to ACL...how high would it have been?!? I love living here.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A weekend project worth the work...

We did a lot of work on the backyard this weekend. We had some people deliver four cubic yards of limestone to our house. They dumped it in the driveway and then Mark hauled it wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow full to the backyard where I smoothed it out and strategically placed stepping stones. 
We still need to add a few finishing touches but it looks a lot better. Enjoy the virtual before and afters:

Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm gonna be in movies...

Above: True to her style, Chloe performs for the camera. Keep in mind that she can see herself on the camera screen while we are recording her. She’s putting on quite a show for herself. We were recording a video to send Mark while he was at work. He loves getting videos of Chloe while he’s working to bring home the bacon. 
Below: Chloe is playing Ring Around the Rosie. I showed her how to do it twice and then she figured it out. When I stopped singing and playing she was a little mad at me.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Central Texas is on Fire and Proof We Are Fine...

If you needed proof that we are okay, here it is. Yes, we are surrounded by grass fires. No, we are not in any danger. If that changes, we will let everyone know. In the meantime, please pray for those that lost their homes, pets and lives. Also, pray for rain and relief for our selfless firefighters. Bug and I will be going to donate gatorade for them later this afternoon.  
Yesterday, there wasn’t much smoke in the air so we went out back to let Bug play with the dogs. She loves the dogs and the dogs tolerate her well.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Chloe ignoring the abacus

My husband has been begging me to get Bug an abacus since she was born. I finally did. 
The only problem? No instructions. Does anyone know how to use this stone-age piece of equipment?!?