Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Toddling in the park...

My baby is getting so big. She no longer needs mom or dad to go down the slide. She can do it all by herself (as long as we are close enough to catch her). It makes me so nervous, but Chloe is fearless. One of the earliest qualities of Chloe's personality I recognized was her independence. It's a trait I hope she develops further as she grows older. Somehow I doubt that will be a problem. Although, her self-assured, independence does have it's draw backs. I feel like I'm losing my 'baby' faster than some parents.

Chloe gets so excited when she thinks she's going to get to slide. She'll cry at the back door and say "shide" --her word for slide-- and then frantically yell, "weeee, weeee." She does the same thing when you go for a walk and she sees the playground.

Today her favorite thing was going up and down the stairs of the slide. After about ten minutes she got braver than I am willing to allow. She was trying to walk down the stairs rather than scoot on her bottom. So, we had to pack it up and leave. She was not pleased. I was happy we didn't have to go to the emergency room for stitches because my child knows no limits (the reason my hair is getting bleached...to cover up the grey this child is already giving me). haha


  1. What a good time I enjoyed watching Chloe on the slide. She is following in her Mama and Grandmas foot steps. Hope she will always be eager to capture the next step in life's path of dreams. She looks so cute in her play suit.

  2. Weee!!! Love the 2nd photo with the sunrays.

  3. Look how long Chloe's hair has gotten! Aww! And I love her sneakers!

    I recently trimmed Julianna's hair b/c it was so uneven, so Chloe's now seems so much longer LOL!


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