Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Goodbye to Tickle Monkey

In case you don't know, Tickle Monkey is the monkey that appears in the pictures with Chloe each month. It's been a wonderful way to see how much Chloe has grown but it has also been her favorite toy and transitional object. She kisses him and hugs him when she takes naps and goes to sleep each night.

That's why it pains me to tell say that he is no more. Today when Chloe laid down to take a nap she took her diaper off. Whether she pooped before or after she took her diaper off, I don't know. But she used Tickle Monkey as the brush to paint her masterpiece all over the crib.

After two baths for Chloe, a bleach job on the crib and lots of scrubbing and washing, there is nothing left of Chloe's artwork. I threw the sheets, pillow and toys that were in the crib with Chloe away. Trust me when I say, there was no way paint was coming out of the bristles. I was one dry-heave away from burning down the entire house to rid myself of the 'mess.'

Shorty (my mom) is sending Chloe a replacement tomorrow. Wish us luck as we transition Chloe to a new favorite love. Also, be prepared to see a new face on Chloe's monthly pictures.

Rest in Peace, Tickle Monkey.

Monday, July 25, 2011

I've been MIA

I know I'm way over due on updating this...we've got a lot going on. I'll go into more detail later (and I'm leaving some stuff off) but here is a general overview.

  1. Mark's contract for Google is up...
  2. Mark may be starting a new job for eBay...
  3. We've also been kicking around the idea of starting a business...
  4. Chloe on the move and down to one nap means less time to do anything and a lot more fun!
  5. Sooooo many days of excessive heat! 101 - 105...I can't think in this weather. I'm not blogging. ha
  6. New projects around the house...painting a bathroom, closing in a utility room and some other stuff.
  7. Official training for the marathon began this week. 16 weeks until I run 26.2.
Busy, busy, busy. Will post pictures of C-loe later.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue!

It was a pretty lame 4th of July here in Central Texas. The fireworks were banned so we were left wondering how to fill our Fourth. We woke up and thanked God for the blessing of living in this country. I'm sure there are better places to live, but I KNOW there are worse. I am thankful for the freedoms that I still have.

Mark's brother is in town from Alaska. He's in the Army and leaves for Afghanistan in December so this is the last time we'll see him until he returns from his deployment. So to kick off the day, we invited Mark's parents and his brother over for brunch. I was a bit nervous cooking for Suzy, who is a MASTER chef! But I think I impressed! haha. We had mimosas, breakfast casserole, biscuits, gravy, cantaloupe and strawberries. Yep. A quite eclectic menu if I do say so...we were serving a wide range of palates.

No pictures of the brunch but here are some we took with my phone. We had a pretty lazy Fourth. I'm hoping next year isn't quite so dry and Chloe can watch some fireworks!

Mark and's only 102 at the park. geez.

Mark's firecrackers

The flash is bright!

haha. too funny to not post.