Sunday, October 31, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

Next Gerber Baby?

Our friend, Aunt Fanny, pointed this out the other day. Can't say the thought hadn't already crossed my mind, but I speculate that every parent thinks their child looks like the Gerber baby. Hmmmmm?


Thursday, October 28, 2010

5 Months

Chloe, it's October 28, 2010 and you are five months old today!
5 Months

We don't go to the doctor again until next month so I have no idea how long you are or how much you weigh. Judging by your clothes and your car are big for five months. I pulled out some 6 month clothes today that I was sure were too big...WRONG! You barely fit them and they are 100% cotton so I'm sure you'll only get one wear out of them before I wash them.

Crawling soon?
You have a pretty nasty sounding cough right now. Another virus, no doubt, but fever and you're sleeping and eating fine. After scouring the Internet (very reliable, I know) and some baby books, I decided that going to the doctor would be silly. Unless you start acting funny or get a fever, we're going to call a cough, a cough and move on with our lives. :) That being said, I've taken your temperature 1000 times...I'm sorry sweet girl because I know that's no fun.

Sleeping is getting better. Naps, too. But you take your naps in your car seat. It's the only place I can get you to sleep during the day. Sleep is sleep right?

You have still not started solids but we are going to try rice or oatmeal cereal on Sunday! No veggies or fruit until 6 months.

Speaking of eating, you're getting a tooth!
Lower left is peeking through the gums.
Your latest tricks? You had your very first belly laugh on October 25, 2010. (It was your Pop's birthday so happy birthday to him from you.) Your dad was playing airplane with you in your room before your bath and I was making silly faces as he would 'fly you' into my face. All of the sudden you busted out with a big ol' laugh. I geeked out so much that you almost started crying. I was just so excited for you. Laughing is very important in our family, strange as we are...

Sitting up!

You are also sitting up yourself (tent style). I have to stay very close because you tend to face plant occasionally. You picked your arms up and sat unsupported for a few seconds the other day, too.

When you are on your tummy, you can lift your whole torso off the ground now. If you could get your legs to work with your arms, you would probably inch yourself forward...time to start baby proofing.

You are very needy all of the sudden. If you allow me to set you down to play, I must be within eye shot or you throw a fit. It's temporary, I'm sure. I'll just enjoy the cuddle time now. Once you figure out how to move around on your own, I doubt you'll let me hold you much.

So grown up.

foot or toy?
You are changing everyday. And the rate seems to be growing exponentially. You want to do everything yourself. Case in point? Right now you are helping me type by slapping the keyboard. Needlesstosay, this is taking longer than it should.

Last Sunday, we went to see your Nana and Grandpa Grantham. Your Dad was holding you with your bottle sitting on the table in front of you. When he stood up, you reached down and picked up your bottle and put it in your mouth. Nobody was expecting it so we all started giggling at your impressive skills! It's moments like that, that I'm terrified I will forget. I can't have a video camera on all the time. I'm sure time will erase some of the memories for us both but I hope you remember the bigger picture and I hope it's joy and love...A HAPPY CHILDHOOD for us all :)

We love you, Miss Chloe!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Uncle Josh and the Great Pumpkin

Uncle Josh came to Austin! Today we went to Sweetberry Farms to buy some pumpkins, take some pictures and go through a corn maze (that I'm pretty sure was bamboo). The corn did not look like the corn I've seen in West Texas but maybe it's a different type? Who knows...the maze was fun!

The trip to Marble Falls is about an hour so we spent about 2 hours on the road.

Looking quite uncomfortable here.

This is better!

First Halloween!

Looking a bit grumpy.

One of my favorites.

Where are you going? We're not done.

Another fav!

Daddy and Chloe

Uncle Josh, you found the great pumpkin!

Mommy and Chloe

Another weird family photo.

It takes a lot of work to prep our model.

This didn't turn out so well.

Silly Uncle.

Blowing spit bubbles is always fun.

I liked the tunnel.

Pretty cool.

Uncle Josh in the corn/bamboo maze.

Daddy, NOTasking for directions.

Pushing a stroller through a corn maze is HARD work.

The cutest navigator ever.

Meltdown in the car...sweet, sad baby tears. This is after I got her to stop.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shorty and Pop Come to Visit

We love it when Shorty and Pop come to visit. Thanks for spending the afternoon with us!

Pop made a funny face.

Now Chloe isn't looking at the camera.

Shorty teaching Chloe how to sit

Chloe learning to eat without laying down.

Two of my favorite women! My mom and my daughter.

Chloe wore out her Pop.

And maybe herself, too. She looks so tiny in her daddy's arms.
Silly Shorty.

I love them all!

Our goofy family.

Another goofy pic. I swear I don't feel as tired as I look. Geez!

(doesn't begin to describe it)
Both of them!