Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Marley

My mom had a post a while back about our family's Marley. If you haven't read (or watched) Marley and Me, you may not understand the significance of this post. I read the book a long time ago and saw the movie around Christmas time and I have to say that I think the book is much better; although, I did love the movie.

Anyway, I do love Raider, Mom. However, I would have to say that 'My Marley' is Miss Pepper Ann.
I'm sure ya'll have already heard the story but I will try to convey what I love so much about this pup. She was given to me by my high school sweetheart. When we broke up, I was able to keep her. I don't think he was too thrilled with the idea, but a gift is a gift. Regardless, Pepper was a God send. She was there for me through a pretty big rough patch in college, she helped me find the love of my life and she makes an excellent running buddy.

Here is a video of her 'getting her leash' for our run. This doesn't really do her excitement for our daily routine justice but you'll get the idea. Whenever I say the word leash, she cocks her head to the side and looks at me with such delight in her blue eyes! Yes, Pepper. I'm as excited as you! I could go running three times a day just to see the look on her face.

She's lived in MANY apartments which I know was miserable for her since she is such an active dog. She now has a yard and another dog (Mark's Marley), Clyde!

Pepper is now about five years old, which is still young but moving into years where it could get difficult for her to be as active as she has been. It breaks my heart to think of the day that I may lose my Pepper so for now, I won't think about long as I'm not watching 'Marley and Me.'

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So Dez was gracious enough to pass along the Kreativ Blogger award! I think this means that I need to name 7 things that nobody knows about me and then pass the award along to five other people, who will have to do the same. Some of you may already know some of these things but I'll try to surprise you!

  1. I HATE to write Cedar Park on our address. We practically live on the line for Cedar Park and Austin and it was almost enough to keep me from buying this house. Nothing against Cedar Park but I desperately miss writing the word Austin on our mail.
  2. I want to start a garden to grow our own fruits and vegetables but I scared of trying because I have NO IDEA where to start. It would make me unbelievably happy to never have to buy produce from the grocery store again.
  3. I wish I spoke Spanish fluently. I think it's a beautiful language and I love when Spaniards, Mexicans and/or anyone from a Spanish speaking country speaks English. I think it adds an interesting sound to the English language that I really enjoy hearing.
  4. I want to live abroad (for at least a year). I think I would enjoy any of the following: Italy, Spain, England or Ireland. I'm not picky but I would really enjoy getting to see the way other countries function and I don't think I could get that from a vacation to those places.
  5. I hate shopping. It takes way too long to find anything that I like and I have better things I could be doing. It also makes me really angry to spend the money. I can think of so many other uses for it.
  6. I don't make lists. I wish I did. I wish I made: to-do lists, grocery lists, goal list, any list. I've tried. Somehow I still manage to get the things done that I need to complete.
  7. The following are some of the things that make my throat, tongue, lips and ears itch: bananas, pecans, watermelon, kiwi, almonds and sometimes apples. Most of this I still eat. I don't get rashes from them and my throat doesn't swell so I figure it's okay.
I would like bestow the same award to the following:) : Mom, Dad, Erin, Kayla and Sarah. Have fun!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wednesday Afternoons in ATX

What I call Frisbee golf, has a few names. We lovingly call it 'frolf' and some call it disc golf. Whatever you call it, it's a lot of fun and a great way to pass time on a lazy afternoon.

The basic rules are the same as golf: you are trying to get the Frisbee in the basket in as few throws as possible. This is the basket that you aim for and the length of the basket from the 'tee box' varies. You typically play eighteen holes.We usually go to Pease Park to play; although, there are other parks in the ATX area. Pease Park is where Mark, Stuart and I headed a few weeks ago on a Wednesday afternoon. We didn't really keep score but I'm pretty sure Stuart won and I came in dead last. If you didn't already know, I love love love living in Austin.
Mark and Stuart walking under the bridge to the second 'tee box' (above).

Mark winding up to throw (above).

I just love this view (I mean the trees...).

Mark doing his Zoolander pose.