Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shorty and Pop Come to Visit

We love it when Shorty and Pop come to visit. Thanks for spending the afternoon with us!

Pop made a funny face.

Now Chloe isn't looking at the camera.

Shorty teaching Chloe how to sit

Chloe learning to eat without laying down.

Two of my favorite women! My mom and my daughter.

Chloe wore out her Pop.

And maybe herself, too. She looks so tiny in her daddy's arms.
Silly Shorty.

I love them all!

Our goofy family.

Another goofy pic. I swear I don't feel as tired as I look. Geez!

(doesn't begin to describe it)
Both of them!


  1. Thank you for sharing your day with us! Glad we got to hear Chloe giggle and sing. She is just too cute for words. Of course we are glad to hear you and Mark giggle and sing too. :)

  2. Happiness is captured in all the family pictures. Just being together is wonderful for everyone. Glad Shorty and Pop could spend time with you. Chloe looks so cute in her pretty clothes. She seems to like being in pictures and everyone holding her.

  3. awww. i loved seeing the pictures of all of you! they are great your little girl is soooo cute. i just want to squeeze those cheeks!


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