Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bootcamp Awaits

I should be watching the UT/OU football game, but they are four touchdowns into the game and OU has three of them so I'm confident I'm not missing much.

Uncle Ben and Chloe
Mark's little brother, Ben, is leaving for bootcamp on Monday. So we went to dinner last night to celebrate. This is only the second or third time that Ben has held Chloe. I think babies make him nervous. I don't blame him; they made me nervous, too. We're really proud of Ben (a bit scared, too). It takes special person to decide to serve our country. This is something he's wanted to do for a long time and he's finally getting the opportunity.

Chloe and her Nana shared a moment last night. It was pretty cute if you can't tell by the picture.
Nana and Chloe
This morning we went to Town Lake Lady Bird Lake for a walk. It was a gorgeous morning. But before we hit the trails, we had to stop at Flip Happy Crepes. If you haven't heard about them on the Food Network, you should check out their site. Next time you're in Austin, YOU MUST GO!

Daddy and Chloe
Mommy and Chloe
As for the rest of our day? I'm going to watch some football, clean some house and then take my new Jeep Jogging Stroller for a test drive with Bugsy. Oh, I can't wait!!


  1. What a great time you have had and wonderful weather. I am extremely proud of Ben and the decision he has made. God bless him. Wish I could thank him for his will to serve his country. Chloe and Nana were exchangeing love smiles. Sweet picture of them together. The photo of Mark and Chloe is so good and the one with you and Chloe is real cute with her legwarmers on. It has not been a good day of football games.

  2. I love these picture of you guys at town lake! Chloe's tights are the bomb!


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