Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Second Mother's Day

The Granthamaniacs had a good Mother's Day. It entailed Sunday brunch, a visit with Mark's parents, yard work (yes) and lots of playing in the backyard. Mark asked me what I wanted to do and I told him yard work. I spent the early afternoon picking up the backyard and mowing while Chloe took a nap. It was the best kind of day.


We played with bubbles after Chloe woke up. She can now blow bubbles by herself. What a big girl!! I can't believe she'll be two in two weeks. Time flies when you are having fun!


  1. Glad you had a good day and Chloe is look totally precious as per usual!

  2. Happy Mothers day! Can you believe our girls are going to be 2? Wow! Such cute pictures of Chloe - and you just reminded me i really need to get out Julianna's bubbles this weekend for her party so she can learn to blow bubbles! Chloe is doing a great job with that! :)

  3. Cute, cute photos!!! Glad you had a great day. And Mother's Days get better year after year. :)

  4. Kim, Chloe was a delight in Amarillo. I like her cute hair style. She also looks special in her pretty dress as she blows bubbles. She gets so far ahead of new and older friends. Thanks for the phone call on Mothers day. I had a nice time at Devonn and Dannys with Grandchildren and 4 Greatgrandchildren. They entertained us all.


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