Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Birthday Weekend (Part 1)

We decided against a birthday party this year. We did this for a few reasons. One was that Chloe won't remember this birthday and we wanted to spend the party money making memories on something we could all enjoy. A party is a lot of work for moms and dads.

Instead we went to visit Shorty and Pop in League City for the weekend and enjoyed a birthday lunch with Don-Don and Glammy in Austin on Monday.

Friday we went to the Aquarium restaurant. It's a good thing we chose that place. It gave Chloe entertainment. She was so tired from our trip she didn't even touch her dinner and she was pretty crabby. If we had been anywhere else, it would have been meltdown central. She did really well considering.

Walking to the Aquarium

She didn't even drink her CHOCOLATE milk!

my brother and my husband are strange.

Chloe and the boys

she had to keep moving so she wouldn't fall asleep.

uncle Josh teaching her how to walk a wall.
On Saturday, we woke up, opened presents, ate cupcakes and went to the Houston Zoo. Chloe took a cat nap on dad's shoulder as we were leaving the zoo, but refused to take a real nap later. She was worn out.

getting good at opening presents

blowing out the candles

not a fan of the merry-go-round on this day

she had to pet every. single. goat. at the petting zoo.

Chloe said, "Dora so big!"

Meerkats are always a favorite of this girl.

Pop, Shorty, Chloe and Mark

already asleep and we haven't left the zoo.

To be Continued...


  1. Oh,I can,t wait to see the next show. Hurry real fast or I might go to sleep or get a bit fussy. She looks so cute and excited to get the gifts opened. Thanks for our visit this morning. You made my day. Chloe is a darling little girl or baby girl. She always is interested in things around her. Hope the project you were fixing this morning is finished. Glad the family got to go to see all the animals and animals to see a pretty little girl. I'm ready for the next adventure.

  2. Happy 2nd birthday Chloe! The girls are getting so big so fast! I don't blame you about not having a party - we only did a very small BBQ for the same reason. What fun pictures- and I love that the kids can go in with the animals in the petting zoo. I have yet to find that here. Usually you can only pet through the fence.


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