Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Big Bed Switch

On Chloe's 2nd birthday, we made the switch from crib to full-size bed. We chose to skip over the toddler bed because we already had a full-size mattress. I wasn't too concerned about the switch, but I did worry a little that she might take advantage of her crib-less freedom.

all stretched out on her full size bed

The only indication she gave of missing her crib was when she walked into the room while we were taking it apart. She looked at Mark and said, "Oh no. Where bed go? It broken." She was more concerned about finder her Minnie Mouse that usually resides in her crib. Lucky for her it was resting on her toy box. :)

That night we put her to bed using our same routine. Only one change was made...Mark and I were in her bed with her for story time. We left the room with her awake after singing the Alphabet song, saying prayers and giving kisses. I expected her to try and get up at least a few times, but she fell asleep as quickly and easily as she always does.

In the mornings, she stays in her bed until I come get her. I don't think this will last. I suspect she will quickly learn that she can get up without my help. We do have a baby gate up so she is quarantined in her own area of the house. I do this because we have a staircase and I don't want her going downstairs by herself.

The second and third nights/mornings have gone just as easily as the first. The only 'issue' (if you even want to call it an issue) has been nap time. She does try and get up a few times. I simply go to the door and tell her to lie down. She does and she's quickly asleep.

I'm glad this switch has gone so well. At about 36" (3 feet) tall, Chloe was getting too big for her crib!

On decorating the room: We decided not to paint or change much other than the furniture. I officially passed down my great grandmother's furniture that had been given to me by my mom. I wanted the bed spread to be antique looking like the furniture and I couldn't really find anything. Luckily, my mom mentioned that she had a yellow lace bedspread that was sewn for her by the same great grandmother. So Chloe is using it.

we have a bed rail. i took it down for picture purposes.

look at all those books! it makes me so happy.

toy corner
I still have a few things to finish in the room. I want to hang some more stuff on the walls, particularly over her headboard. I also need to switch her bookshelf out with the one that matches her furniture. But, you get the just of her 'newish' room.


  1. You have made my beautiful day seeing Chloe's new antique bedroom furniture used many years ago by my mother and handed down to Diane. The lace bedspread looks so pretty too. My mother would be so happy to see how nice you have taken good care of the furniture and the bedspread. Chloe's room looks so pretty.

  2. Wow -that is inspiring. I have been so hesitant on trying to switch Julianna over to her bed- we might do the daybed thing first just to try it out and see if she gets out at night. She is perfectly happy in her crib and has not crawled out yet - and is not outgrown it either.... so we are going to wait but I want to do it in the next few months. Julianna is a great sleeper and I pray she will follow win chloe's footsteps and crossover without much issue. Chloe is doing so good! You should be so proud of that little girl! :) I love that you were able to use your great grandmother's stuff- how incredible to pass down stuff from other generations! :)

  3. Looks good!! I guess I'll see it in person in about a week. :)


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