Monday, May 23, 2011

It's the Final Countdown

Chloe will be turning 1 on Saturday! I can NOT believe it. I WILL NOT believe it. This has gone by so fast.
I was told it would. I knew it would. But, expecting the rapid arrival of a first birthday doesn't make it any easier.

What makes it easier is knowing how many more 'firsts' await us with this precious little girl. Her first cake, her first party, her first steps, her first best friend (that she chooses), her first baby doll, her first sibling, her first bike, her first skinned knee, her first day of school, her first lost tooth, her first crush, her first school dance, her first car...the list goes on and it's an exciting list!

So Saturday will be just ONE of the many firsts she's already had and the ONES yet to come. Ahhh, I crack myself up!

Here are some goofy pics and some pictures of her first time playing in the wading pool.
The face I get when I say, "Look at mom."

Trying to put her shoe on...

Kissing Tickle Monkey

'Mom, put me down. NOW!'

Testing it out.

Making an escape.

This is just cute!


  1. Oh my gosh - she is the cutest! I can't beleive our babies are turning one! It blows my mind - there have been so many firsts and you are right- so many more to go! I love the pictures of Chloe in the pool - too cute for words!! (And look at all those teethies!)

  2. Kim, reality has come to stay. Enjoy every wonderful minute. Chloe is learning so fast and curious about everything she comes in contact with. She looks so cute in her swimsuit. I cann't wait to see her new birthday attire made by Shorty. Her hair is growing and looks so cute. Sad I will miss the 1st party. Send me a picture of her.

  3. That last picture is the cutest thing ever! Love her little swimsuit! I can't believe she's already one, time really does fly!

  4. Kim, you look so happy and your running is showing how it is paying off. In Chloes pool your legs are beautiful. I like the picture in the front yard too.

  5. LOVE that last picture!!! She is tooo cute! Happy early birthday! Can't wait to see the pictures of her party!

  6. Thank you Kim for bringing yesteryear to reality today. You have a lifetime to see your baby grow into the dream you live for. God is so good to place his gift to special parents.


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