Friday, May 6, 2011

A Face Lift

Well, I'm not due for a face lift for another 20 years or so. I'm talking about our house. We lazily hired someone to come paint our house. Mainly because our house is too tall for me to feel comfortable with Mark up there. Also, it could have taken us a year or more to do it ourselves. Why not let a team of 10 come out and knock it out in two days?!?

And, yes. We did it backwards. The lighter color is the trim and the darker color is the body. We liked that it was different. Hopefully, it won't hurt resale.

We did not paint this house pink! Someone else did.
New colors.

This is a 'during' picture.
This piece of siding had to be replaced due to dog, literally, eating a hole through it.

Back - Before

Back - After

Front - Before
Front - After


  1. I like the new look you have given your home. It looks so fresh and inviting. Are you thinking about moving any time soon? I like the green shutters and door. Wishing you a wonderful Mothers Day on Sunday. I will attend church and Sunday School. I will have friends attending so that will be nice.Give Chloe a hug for me.

  2. Absolutley love the colors!!!!

  3. It looks AMAZING!! I love the new colors!

  4. Your house is stunning, great colors. I'm a little jealous, beautiful city, beautiful house, and beautiful baby!

  5. Good Job! Doesn't it feel great to have something new done to improve your house !! :)
    Enjoy your First Mother's Day by the way!! :)


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