Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Building a Dog Run

After nearly 3 years of talking about it, we are finally building a dog run. We don't intend to keep the dogs in it all the time. But, it will be nice when we have company or Chloe wants to toddle around the back yard without Clyde leaping over her for a squirrel or Frisbee.

(Yes, our dogs are primarily outside dogs. Pepper spent the majority of her life living in an apartment. She was miserable. Both dogs prefer to be outside and when inside, nervously pace and wait for the back door to be opened so they can dart out into the 'wild.' Ok. I'm done defending our choice to leave our animals where nature intended them to be.)

Mark and I intended to dig the holes for the posts, place them and have the concrete setting by the time my parents arrived from Houston on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately for my dad, we had a lengthy interruption during the project and were just getting started when they arrived. This meant he got suckered into helping.

Here in this part of the country, we have this wonderful layer of Limestone that is covered by a mere two inches of sand. haha. Clearly, the posthole digger was NOT cutting it.

 So Dad and I ran to Home Depot where we rented a jack hammer. Once that was back at the house, there was a significant increase in testostrone levels at the Granthamania residence. (Also, please note the flipflops my dad is sporting. Probably not the best idea but he has about 23 years more life experience than me so he can do what he wants.)

Much better!

Mark had to use it, too.


Check out that bead of sweat on the end of his nose. Gross!
 Now, we wait. Maybe this coming weekend we can get the pickets up and start working on a gate.

Just because she's so stinkin' cute when she eats Cherios.


  1. Kim, keep the guys working so they don't get lazy. Your backyard is a nice place to have friends over. It will be nice for Chloe to run and play in the near future. Have Pop put his name on a post. Daddys like to be of help to their girls. I wish I could eat Cherrios with Chloe in her comfort bed. She is so special.

  2. Glad Pop got wrangled into helping! Is Chloe sitting on a couch like we used to have? Where in the world did you get that?
    PS- I LOVE her invitation!

  3. Dad didn't mind helping. He likes helping with your projects. Physical labor keeps him from getting soft. lol

  4. In my opinion he was soft back in the 90s...s

  5. Good luck ... I Hope you get it finished! :)


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