Thursday, May 26, 2011

Prayer Requests

I have two prayer requests. I was really going back and forth on whether or not to post this stuff. I decided to post it because I know most of you who read this blog are believers and you pray. I'm asking you to pray and pray hard, please.

  1. I work with Will Norton's cousin. Will was literally taken from his Hummer during the tornado in Joplin. You may have seen his story on the news. It's all over the place right now. His family is still trying to locate him. Please pray for their strength and a miracle. 
  2. This is Simon. His mom was on a message board that was a huge source of comfort in the months leading up to and the months after Chloe's birth. I found her blog on that message board and saw today there her little boy is having surgery tomorrow to remove cancer. Please pray that his surgery goes well, his cancer is removed and that his family is comforted during this time. I can not nor do I want to imagine the emotions that his mother and father are experiencing right now. 
Thanks so much!

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  1. Kim, you are so thoughtful of others. I hope and pray that these request will bring comfort and healing to your frinds. Enjoy the special day tomorrow as you celebrate Chloes 1st year birthday. Love to all the family.


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