Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reckless Kelly Celebrity Softball Jam 2011

Chloe attended her first concert on Sunday! We've been waiting for this for over a year. A quick summary of the day:

Katie, Chris, Cohen and Stephanie came over before we headed to the concert. We left our house for the concert around 2:30pm. It was a little colder than we thought it would be. Thankfully, I had a sweater for Chloe in the diaper bag and a few extra baby blankets for some friends. Once we were too cold to handle any more music (around 6:30pm), we went to the grocery store to pick up some bratwurst and sauerkraut. Most everyone headed to our house to have a little cookout.

It was a fantastic day! I wish we could do it every weekend. Enjoy the short slide show. I put it to some Josh Abbott music. He was one of the Texas Country musicians who performed at the concert (and he's a fellow Red Raider).


  1. What nice friends to spend time with.Chloe seemed to be very content and happy. Glad you had extra garment to put on Chloe. Spring is really slow this year.You may have needed warmer clothes. You look so nice. I enjoyed the music you chose.

  2. Perfect song choice. Tell Mark, Chris and Cohen they did a great job representing for the males. It was so cute seeing Cohen sharing his sucker with Chloe. Glad y'all had a good time. Upload the photos to Shutterfly because there are several I want as prints.


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