Sunday, May 1, 2011

Get Fit. Get Healthy. Week 13

Your weight (if you don't feel comfortable sharing this, you don't have to): 139. 4 pounds from my 135 by Chloe's birthday goal.

Your fitness challenge(s) for the week: Continuing to hit the gym. Weights 3x a week and cardio 5x.

Your food challenge for the week: Keep on trucking with the veggie diet.

How well did it go: This past week was a disaster. I snacked too much. I'm not sure why but I felt so hungry all week.

Failures and slip-ups: Snacking and not on the things I should.

Weekly challenge wisdom: (directed at myself) Sometimes you need to do things you don't want to do. It's part of being an adult. Working out is one of them. Grow up.

Advice to fellow GET FIT members: Having trouble finding motivation to work out? Sign up for a 5K. Mark signed us up for one on Mother's Day. I'll be damned if I'm gonna go out there and run without working out for a week. Knowing I have the race forces me to put in the cardio work.

Your Magic Selfie (optional but strongly encouraged): I attempted the selfie. It was terrible. I need to get a remote. 


  1. Your doing good! I know you will make your goal.
    Now...a word from your Mom about the snacking. Don't beat yourself up. I think sometimes your body just needs something "unhealthy" to give it a boost. (Most people just take that too far and that the problem) Try keeping bite size candy bars around your house. You have the willpower to keep it to just 1 and that might curb your snack attachs. You might want to hide them from Mark. :)

  2. Good advice from Diane. You look so good and it is important to feel good too. Hope Chloe is entertaining you and pushing everything she can get her hands on.

  3. Hahaha, I love the comment "you might need to hide them from Mark"!
    My husband was such a sweet tooth and whenever I'd bring smth sweet home, it'd be gone in minutes
    Now that he's vegan and can't eat most of the sweets, he has the willpower to not touch my stashes :)


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