Saturday, May 28, 2011

Celebrating One Year

 One Chloe Diane

One year ago today,
Miss Chloe came the earthly way.
Her fingers and toes were so tiny
As was her cute little hiney.
With the large space in our hearts she filled,
I use restraint when I say we were thrilled.

So many things she's learned to do,
Like roll-over and clap and coo.
She mastered crawling and rolling the ball,
She's working on walking without taking a fall.
Her laugh is contagious and her smile is bright,
She melts our hearts with her lustrous light.
Today we celebrate the 28th day of May,
with cake and presents and games to play.
She's not old enough to know how to wish,
So when she blows out her candle her Dad and I pray this:
She's happy and healthy and always feels love,
We thank God for sending her to us from above!

Happy Birthday, Chloe!
We will be having Chloe's party later today. I hope to post some pictures of her big day by tomorrow. No promises.


  1. Happy birthday Chloe, Have fun at your party!!!

  2. Can't believe it's already a year!! Time has flown by.

  3. I cann't wait to see you celebrate today in your special outfit that Shorty made for this event. I thank God for the wonderful family I have." HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE". Kim is to give you a kiss from me today.

  4. Love the poem! Happy Birthday Miss Chloe! We love you!


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