Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chatty Cathy

Not this one...

Who's old enough to remember these?
This year marks their 50th anniversary!

Our Chloe is certainly not a Chatty Cathy. She will babble all day but when I turn the camera on she clams up. Not sure where she gets that because I've seen my childhood videos and I am annoyingly talkative. The following video is today's attempt at getting Chloe to show off her sweet voice. It took a while and for your benefit I reduced the time on this video to half.

Let me apologize for my video editing skills. I'm still getting used to the software but I'm sure I hope I'll get better.


  1. Don't worry as Julie would say she will talk soon enough or she won't get a word. lol She will have to in this family! Love the bubbles and coo's.

  2. You just wait,the time will come when she will not want to stay quiet. She is doing real good and tries to make her sounds. Is this a fun time or not for Chloe to perform for us to get to see and enjoy. Isn't it fun to see each day become a new world as you watch her enter into it.

  3. Yes, I am old enough to remember Chatty Cathy. Loved that doll. Enjoyed Chloe's coo's kept trying to hear the diaper sound but I guess I didn't have the volume loud enough to hear it, lol. Maybe she's shy with the camera but your genes will come out soon enough and she will love performing.

  4. As always, I just think she's precious! Like everyone always told me, "you'll always want them to do something, and when they learn to do it, you'll wish they'd forget"!! She'll be yakking your ear off soon enough! :) What kind of editing software are you using for the video? I think it turned out awesome and I'd love to have something like that!

  5. Hey Kim
    Thanks for your comment! My husband just called you our "sister famiy." Yep. Thats about right!
    I am from Houston and we moved 1.5 years ago to Oz. We will be in Ausin in November...would be hilarious to meet up!
    YOUR Chloe is a doll!!!

  6. BTW, I have a very small recollection of the Chatty Cathy. ;)
    Your "Ant" Devonn, whom as you know is my OLDER sister, would have great memories of the doll. :D

  7. LOve being able to see the videos. Keep them coming.



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