Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Storytime with Chloe

I love to read. Mom and Dad read to me every every night. This is one of my favorite books. It is filled with classic children's stories and beautiful illustrations. Tonight we read Little Red Riding Hood.
I enjoyed the story but I think my mommy was just playing with the aperture and focus on her new camera.

What's with all the posts?
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  1. I enjoyed storytime Chloe! Your mom sure got some cute pics of you reading today!

  2. Thanks!! I actually got the pink and black dresses at walmart the other day! They were on the sale rack for $2! They're sized for 12 months but I thought they looked small and they fit good with a little growing room!! Too bad that's all they had. :(

  3. Chloe's expressions are too cute. Glad you got your new camera.

  4. I feel like I was reading the story with you.You are so photogenic. You have a super Mama that will make sure you have a wonderful life.

  5. Awesome photos! Chloe looks like she is really enjoying the book, such a cutie! :)


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