Friday, September 24, 2010

~Granthamania Style~ Master Bedrooms

Kelly from Kelly's Korner does a Friday series called 'Show Us Your Life.' I believe this is her second time to run through the series. Since I missed it the first time, I'm going to try and participate this time around.

Like Kelly, our master bedroom is one of my least favorites. Since nobody ever really sees it I have been lazy and cheap about decorating it. I need to do something to it soon.

Nevertheless, here is the Granthmaniacs' master bedroom. I DID NOT move all the clutter from our room to another one to take these pictures.

Love our vaulted ceiling.
Signatures from our wedding guests. Love this!
Night stand...wish we had two.
Old school television but it was free!
(hand-me-down from my Mom and Dad)
Detail on the antique furniture. It was my great-grandmothers.
My mom gave it to me and I'm giving it to Chloe once she's out of the crib.
I love to read! Yes, that's the Twilight series! Yes, I'm a little embarrassed by it.
One of my favorite pictures of us and our wedding invite.
Shrine to us?
Not sure what to do with these shelves.
Bassinet that Chloe never used (she's been in her own room since day 1).

I've had all the furniture in our room since I was in about the 2nd grade. I love it but I'm ready for a king size bed. The headboard is made for a full size matress but we have a quess size on it. I think once Chloe is out of her crib and ready for big girl things, Mark and I will go furniture shopping and get a bedroom suit for us.

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  1. What special memories your bedroom brings to me. I am so happy that the furniture will be used by four generations from my parents. I like the love story your bedroom tells. You are a romantic person. Chloe makes the bed very pretty resting on the pillows.


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