Sunday, September 5, 2010

Texas Tech vs. SMU

Texas Tech played Southern Methodist University (SMU) today. Final score was 35-27. What we learned? We will certainly miss Mike Leach.  Tommy Tuberville gave it his best effort and even went for it, albeit unsuccessfully, on the 4th down. Oh Leach, you will be missed.

The highlight of this game? Miss Chloe! This was her first Texas Tech game! This time last year (September 18, 2009) we found out we were expecting our bright, blue-eyed beauty. It was the day before the University of Texas game. Needless to say, this time of year is very important to us Granthamaniacs for various reasons.

The top 10 plays of our day:
#10 Game time with Mommy
#9 Chloe loves football
#8 Future Red Raider?
#7 There's no kissing in football, dad!
#6 Dad, explain a first down again?
#5 Not now, I'm watching football.
#4 Fine...I'll pose if you leave me alone.
#3 Football wears me out.
#2 So sleepy.
#1 Tiny Hiney

Tomorrow we are going to go shopping at the outlets in San Marcos! I hate shopping but the idea of an afternoon out with two of my favorites is superb!


  1. Excellent top 10! #1 is the best. :)

  2. I thought the TECH players were going to play more of Leach's kind of football. You are so right about him and the respect of his players. I am impressed how Chloe watched the ballgame. She will make a great cheerleader. She looked so cute in her uniform. Have a good time today.


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