Monday, September 6, 2010


This disgusts me.

Pile of crap?

If you think this is my laundry pile, you're wrong. They are the items from our closets that we are purging. I have not cleaned out my closet (other than removing a few select items here and there) since graduating Tech in 2006.

Hangers from our cleaned closets.

I don't want to delve too deep into this pile. We do not need all this stuff. Truth be told, we never did. But we have it and we hang onto it for some unknown reason. I hate shopping and this is why. We end up going back through the stuff and we realize we never wore it, forgot we had it, outgrew it or ruined it. It makes me sick.

But of course, what did we do today? We went shopping. In my defense, I only walked away with two pairs of jeans and some much needed running shoes. All of which will be used until they literally fall apart. Mark did well, too. He got a few polo shirts and some new jeans.

Prime Outlets in San Marcos.
We did have fun and Chloe did really well. We left the house around 9:00 and didn't arrive back at the casa until 2:30. It's the longest 'adventure' that Chloe has had to date. She's sound asleep now from her long day of shopping.


  1. Totally understand your dislike of shopping. You get that from me. :) I purged my closet earlier this year. I now have 1/3 of the clothes I used to but I seem to still only wear 1/2 of the remaining stuff. Glad Chloe made it so well through her first shopping excursion.

  2. Kim, some of those clothes would sell in a garage sale or donate to the needy. It is hard to clean out closets. I keep things too long but there are special memories connected:) I am glad you had a nice time in San Marcos. You are bringing up Chloe to like to travel.

  3. I agree with Diane. I cleaned out my closet not too long ago, but yet I just wear a few select things over and over again! It's a really bad habit! Glad you at least got a few new things!

  4. So sorry your pudding didn't turn out! Try again--I promise it is worth it!

  5. oh dear, i think it is time for me to purge too. nothing fits anymore anyways. i doubt i will ever go back to my pre-preg size.


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