Tuesday, September 28, 2010

4 months

Chloe, it's September 28, 2010 and you are four months old today!

We went to see your pediatrician today for your well check up. She says you are a looong baby! You are 25.5 inches long and that puts you in the 90th percentile for height! You are 14lbs and 8 oz. which is the 75th percentile.

You are super healthy. The only time you've been to the doctor is for your well check-ups. I suspect you had a virus a few weeks ago because you were very conjested and sleepy. (I think you caught it from our neighbor's daughter since she had been a little sick.) We didn't take you to the doctor because you were happy, eating fine and they can't do anything for a virus anyway.

You are sleeping through the night and naps are getting a little better. You usually have one long nap in the afternoon and a couple of short ones in the morning but it's still hit and miss.

You have still only had breastmilk (which blows my mind). The doctor told us today that we can start solids at six months. A few weeks before we go in for your 6 month appointment we are supposed to try a little rice or oatmeal cereal. That will be fun! I'll just go ahead and stock up on plastic drop clothes now.

We are waiting on you to start rolling over again. You sleep on your side and can get yourself into that position so I know you CAN roll over. You just aren't motivated to do it since you hate being on your tummy. We are still doing tummy time but you play for a bit and then slam your face into the ground and scream rather than rolling over to your back. (Stuborn like your parents?)

Your favorite game is airplane. You love to fly above our heads. You open your mouth as wide as you can when we hold you up in the air. It's pretty amusing to watch.

We are waiting on a laugh but the doctor said not to worry. It's still a little early for laughter; although, you squeel pretty good sometimes.

You are so much fun Chloe. We just can't get enough of you and you are growing up so fast. It's bittersweet.

We love you, Miss Chloe!


  1. Sweet pictures. Time sure is going by fast. Won't be long till you are chasing after her.

  2. I just want to gobble her up!! Such a happy baby. I can't believe she would be stuborn...you weren't. LOL

  3. LOVE the pictures! She is such a happy little thing! Can't believe she's already 4 months old! Are you just loving your new camera?!!

  4. Chloe has a beautiful smile to go with her pretty eyes. Kim, she has your personality. I like her new attire to celebrate her special day . Four months have passed too fast. I am so glad she is growing up with Disney world in her pretty room. The pictures are so cute.

  5. Happy 4 months Chloe! That was a ver sweet article your mommy wrote. Cheers! :)


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