Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sleeping Beauty Chloe's name today.

She's taken two very long naps. Judging by these pictures, I think she's still feeling the effects of yesterday's shots. Bless her little heart.

She rubs her ears when she's sleepy.

Still looking snazzy in the outfit Shorty made!

 On the plus side, it's given me a chance to:

  1. get caught up on laundry.
  2. write a couple of thank you notes.
  3. make some more of these fun leg warmers.
Halloween Leg Warmers
Pink and Purple
Blue and Green


  1. Shorty's outfit looks great! Ansley can't wait to wear hers! Way to go on the leg warmers, they're turning out so cute!

  2. Hope Chloe will feel better tomorrow. A mother hurts when her child feels bad. She looks so pretty in her new clothes. Glad you got some chores done. Diane selects the right colors for Chloe to wear.

  3. Love Chloe's outfit! So sweet on her.
    And can I just tell you that you are my HERO!! Can't believe you ran a 5K and had a baby 4 months ago--and look great doing it. I had a baby 2 1/2 YEARS ago and can just now run two miles at once. PATHETIC!!
    And I'm so glad that you passed the chick with the fake tatas! You go girl!!

  4. That blue is so pretty on her!! Kylie slept the day of her shots and the next day, then she was back to normal after that. I hated knowing that she wasn't feeling good :( The leg warmers are turning out really cute!


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