Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fast Family Trip

Chloe, Shorty and I all went to visit family this week. We left on Sunday to visit my hometown and then headed back home on Tuesday. It's supposed to be an 8 hour drive from my house to our destination. It took a little longer with Chloe, but she did pretty good considering. (Thanks to my mom and dad for getting the portable DVD player and Backyardigans DVDs!)

Here are some fun moments. I kept my promise to certain people that I wouldn't post their pictures. But there were some good ones that I really wanted to post.

We stopped at Texas Tech's campus to get Chloe's picture with the Will Rogers statue.
Chloe with Soapsuds and Will
Trying to show Chloe about 'Get Your Guns Up'
Maybe someday she'll be a Red Raider!
The sequence of three here is hilarious to me. It reminds me of how Tori and I used to play together. Please note that it looks like Chloe is being bossy (a la me) and Ansley is giving 'the look' which is clearly hereditary.

Chloe thinks it's fun to use Ansley as a speed bump
Landry and Chloe playing with her music table

Chloe telling Landry something important

Chloe and Ansley with their Great-Grandma
 Chloe's grandma, Shorty, was holding Ansley. I think Chloe got jealous. haha.


  1. Love it! I have so many pics, I still haven't gone through half of them!! Landry still talks about "Coey"! I love the girl's expressions, what little drama queens! :)

  2. What a nice selection of pictures on the short trip to see family and friends. The grandchildren enjoyed each other and was fun to have them entertain every one. I was so glad to spend time with them. Glad you had a nice trip back home.

  3. I love the hand in the face! hahahaa! And Chloe looks so animated in all those pictures like she is having a great time!

    What is that red stuff all over the statue? Sorry but I am clueless on the college stuff! :)

  4. @Skye - the red stuff is crepe paper. We wrap the statue in red crepe paper before games...not really sure why...tradition (I'm sure it involved beer the first time it happened).

  5. Thank you for keeping your promise. More than I can say about someone else;). Chloe is so precious. I'm glad the kids had fun playing together (if you call it that). Next time they will really play. Loved seeing y'all and hopefully we will get down your way soon.


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