Friday, March 25, 2011

Undeniably a Daddy's Girl

This post should have been done back when Chloe was first born. But, now that she is older it is much easier to tell that she looks just like Mark!

There is a bit of an age difference in my photo and Mark's, but this is the only baby picture I have of him. It's still obvious.

No doubt she has traits from us both. She has my little mouth, Mark's nose and we all have blue eyes. But, I'd say she favors her dad...BIG TIME. What do you think?




  1. Look at the size of that head....

  2. Shame on the Anonymous comment. You know where he lives and I'll hold him down so you can clobber him. :) You DID NOT have nor do you now have a large melon.

    Chloe definately has Mark's face shape and your mouth but the nose and eyes are a toss up. You can see a combination of the two of you in her.

  3. Kim, Chloe has more of your features. The pointed chin, small mouth, hairline and too soon to know about nose or eyes. Too much age difference to make some calls.You have alot of your mothers features. Mark was a cute boy but you get my vote.

  4. I just think she's adorable, regardless of who she looks like! Oh- and I'm loving Marks' suit, that's hot! :)
    PS- I'm glad we have the same taste in the girls clothes, I get such a kick out of seeing them in the same outfits!


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