Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Sunday From Granthamania

Elena, over at Selfie Saturdays, made me sad with this post. She's right. Chloe's going to have bunch of pictures to look back at but I won't be in any. That's not my intention. So here's a family selfie we did today. Not great but it's a start in a new direction...more photos of all of us. Not just Chloe.

Happy Sunday - March 20, 2011
 We've had a busy day. Brunch, yard work, lacrosse, laundry and spring cleaning. Whew. We are tired and you can tell :)


  1. You made my day seeing the family together. It must have been a nice day to accomplish so much. It was a nice day here. My dear friends always bring Sunday lunch to me and we have a nice visit. They saw my eye was not doing good today. Hope I get a good report next Monday. Chloe is a sweety.


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