Saturday, March 26, 2011

Get Fit. Get Healthy. Week 8

First, I have to share. My sweet husband, who usually never says anything even close to mean to me, came home from work this past week. I was washing dishes and wearing some capri pants that fit me before I got pregnant. He stood there for a moment. When I asked him what was going on...he kindly informed me that the pants I was wearing were too big and not very flattering. They are now in the Goodwill pile. Kind of a back handed compliment but it MADE MY DAY! Thanks, Funky Bunch!!! XOXO

Your weight {if you don't feel comfortable sharing this, you don't have to}: 
Still sitting at 140. I would be bummed but I'm 100% sure I stayed within my calorie limits. I nervously watched the scale go up this week and then go back down. So I suspect that either/all of the following is happening: 

  1. retaining water? Blast and bless the female cycles.
  2. gaining muscle and losing fat
  3. hit a plateau...not sure that's possible when you are working with calorie deficits.
I lean towards two because I have been working on toning/building muscle.

Your fitness challenge(s) for the week: 
Got all my weight routines in this week plus a few extra moves to work on the arms. Cardio was awesome. It's been a good week.

Your food challenge for the week: 
I'm still doing the vegetarian menu and loving it more every day! This next will be hard but that's all I can say about it. Wish me luck. I'm really going to need it.

How well did it go: 
I finally settled into the vegetarian thing. I know I've settled into it because I'm starting to crave the fruits and veggies over other Big Macs and French Fries.  I'll still consider myself a flexitarian because I WILL be eating the very occasional hamburger...yummmmm. But, I love the way I feel. I've never been a big fan of cooking with meat. Makes me feel dirty. Even eating meat was difficult when I was young...I gaged on meat all the time! 

Failures and slip-ups: 
I should have had more water. Shame on me. I'm sure I'll be able to write a novel here next week. ;?

Weekly challenge wisdom: 
It's good for you to have to work hard for some things. "Consider the example of the man who found a new butterfly struggling to crawl out of its cocoon. After carefully cutting an opening and extricating the butterfly, this small beauty died. Why? Because it is the struggle to get out of the cocoon that forces blood to pump through its veins and strengthen its wings. When robbed of the struggle, the butterfly died. And so do people." ~The Diva Principle for Everyday Living

Advice to fellow GET FIT members:
Keep going. Don't quit. I know even when I don't see the results on the scale or on my body that my insides are benefiting from this. Our bodies have to have time to heal from the damage we've done to them. In my case, the weight crept up on me. Why should/would I expect it to go away over night? This takes time.

Before/After: I still have some work to do but the results thus far are promising. I'm not ready to show my stomach yet but soon. I can see a difference in my waste (haha) waist...that's the most obvious one. I can also see a difference in my legs. And if I look close, I can see that my shorts are getting baggier. 

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  1. Kim, you are so busy always tending to your babydoll Chloe. Just a few more days and she will be getting closer to having her one year birthday on May 28. You will soon be in Vegas. Diane will have fun while Chloe reads to her:). You are doing good on your body program.

  2. I tried vegetarian food also. But after a while I was missing the meat. When I had meat this past sunday, it tasted weird. So I'm trying fish today.
    Found some great recipes online, so I'm trying that out this week.

    Hooray for the comment your husband made :).. congrats!

  3. Your progress pictures are AMAZING!!! Look at your legs!!! that's amazing! And your love handles are non existent!! How do you feel!??!??

  4. this is so impressive! I love the before and after pictures. you can really tell a difference. awesome job Kim! you look great!


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