Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kite Festival 2011

Chloe and I joined Marisa and Gael for the 2011 Kite Festival. We went last year but Chloe was still in my tummy and Gael was only about 7 months old...if that. I had to take my point and shoot so these pictures are pretty bad but the subjects in them are just to awesome not to share.

Chloe and Gael...he's not her biggest fan. She kept trying to take his Koala bear. 

Marisa and Gael. He is a fan of the camera and was posing in this picture.

Blue Texas Sky

Love this picture and totally bummed that it's out of focus.

Her hat is sideways because that's the only way she'd leave it on.

This little girl is too big for her britches.
She insisted on feeding herself and DID NOT want me to break anything into small pieces. 


  1. Glad you girls had a good time. The weather was just beautiful here on Sunday. Like that Chloe "locks" her hat down "Burson" style.

  2. You take so much time with your little princess. She really wears her hat stylish. I am glad you enjoyed a nice day with friends. Give Chloe and you a hug from me.

  3. Ooh I missed this post last night somehow - love Chloe's purple sideways hat. I mean come on - that is just too cute for words!! :)


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