Monday, March 21, 2011


Normal is relative.

Most days, I think Chloe and I look nothing alike. These pictures, while unflattering of myself, say otherwise.

A Christmas Story, anyone?

See the goldfish crumbs around that cute little mouth?


  1. It's like looking at twins! lol Two goofy, life loving girls. :)
    Goldfish are much better than num-nums.

  2. How darling as you climb the stairs together. Bet the lick tasted real good. Do you think the crumbs lasted very long? Good picture of the two of you.

  3. I love these pictures, she is just beautiful! Love those blue eyes, she is stunning!

  4. Oh my! LOok at that tongue licking the railing- that IS funny as heck! Chloe has such pretty eyes!! ANd those cheeks... well we know about cheeks in this house- and I know they are always being squeezed! haha!

  5. Kim, I know I'm late on my comment, but I loved your post about including yourself in pictures. I am so guilty of that. I have VERY VERY few pictures of me in Saylor's first year and a half. And then one day I decided (although it's a little morbid) that if something ever happened to me, Saylor wouldn't have any pictures of us together. But you are so right about teaching our daughters good self confidence. Loved the post and your 'sexy eyes' picture! Really! :)


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