Sunday, April 3, 2011

Get Fit. Get Healthy. Week 9

Height: 5’9′, weight:  140 (no gain; no loss)
2. Your fitness challenge(s) for this week: Get back in the gym. This past week was rough. I was out of town until Tuesday and had appointments that kept me from the gym every day but Thursday.
3. Your health challenge(s) for this week: Get back on my 'diet.' Keeping with mostly vegetarian meals. I think the husband is getting tired of eating only vegetarian foods so I may sneak some fish or chicken into the mix during the next few weeks. 
4. How well did it go: This past week went as I expected. It wasn't pretty but I'm not disappointed because I prepared myself mentally. I'm not beating myself up over it. Although, I DO notice some bad effects from my laziness. I visited my hometown with my mom. I hadn't been there since May of 2009. There were a few favorite meals that I wanted to eat that didn't fit into my diet plan. I decided before we left that I was going to enjoy myself...I have no idea when I'll be back to have my childhood favorites again. That being said, I did try to have a tofu pad thai at one of my local favorites (the tofu was TERRIBLE). Let's just say that Amarillo, TX doesn't do vegetarian. Not that I expect them to. In Amarillo, the eleventh commandment is "Thou shalt eat meat, particularly beef, at every meal." 
5. Failures and slip-ups: The only workout I got was on Thursday. I ate mexican food, a hamburger and fries, ice cream and thai food while in Amarillo. I enjoyed it but let me tell you I noticed a HUGE difference. It's something that I wouldn't have notice a month ago. This last week (I'll argue as a result of my poor diet) I was tired, cranky and achy. The tiredness could be a result of the travel and some of it probably was. BUT, when I'm eating well I don't feel run down at 2pm. This past week was the first time in a while that I felt like I needed to take naps in the afternoon. Also, I have noticed that when I eat junk I get achy. Particularly my angles, knees and wrists. It almost feels like flu symptoms. But, when I eat good it goes away. Like I said, I would have never noticed this stuff if I hadn't started 'cleaning' up my diet.
6. Weekly challenge wisdom: Enjoy yourself. But, understand that there is a tradeoff for EVERYTHING you do. This week I chose eat like crap and feel good in the moment that I was eating the food, the tradeoff was that I felt like crap the rest of the week. Was it worth it? Yes. But not in the long term. It was a short term tradeoff I was willing to make. That being said, sometimes these things can be a slippery slope. Be careful. 
7. Advice to fellow GET FIT members
: Enjoy Yourself. Be Careful
8. Self Portrait: Bokeh 
I'll have to do the portrait later. We are busy, busy, busy getting ready for our VEGAS trip this week!

Ok. So it's a bit off. I had the shutter speed set too slow so I got washed out, too. It's the best I could do it the 15 minutes I had to do this project.


  1. Have a great time as you enjoy your trip. The time will pass fast and the phone calls will mount up. I am excited for you and Mark. Your folks are going to have lots of fun too.

  2. Keep it up - You are doing great! It's ok to fall back a few times - no one is perfect! Have a great time in Las Vegas!

  3. Oh yay you're there! You're at the point that you've been doing the vegetarian healthy eating long enough that you notice THE HORRIBLE effect bad food has on you! I feel like CRAP when I eat badly! I mean like makes it so not worth it to eat junk...the taste just doesn't overcome the feeling of being heavy and achy. I remember when I was just starting, I'd still attempt to eat some fast food or meat, and every time I did, I'd think how stupid that was because I'd feel really sucky afterwards...
    So eventually, after many tries and errors, it sort of sunk in for good: bad food = feeling bad. And I I don't even make the mistake of thinking "Just this one time, I want it just once". I simply remember clear as day that i'll feel bad after it.

    Great job on this discovery.

    As far as hubby and vegetarian meals, i don't know if you do beans a lot (black beans, chickpeas, etc), but they're a great meat substitute because they're hardy like meat, so men like them. Plus fish is jsut fine, it's really great for you if you grill it rather than fry it and make sure you get wild omega-3 rich salmon, sardines, or such.

    oh and btw, for a vegetarian that I am, I hate tofu :) lol

  4. This post was dead on - we went to Denny's last week and I ate half of a sandwhich and immediately my stomach was kind of heavy and I felt disgusting full and just so in dire need of a nap. It's crazy how much your body really does thank you for eating healthy, it's a huge change!!! awesome post!


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