Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Better than Vegas Pics

We took 4 pictures in Las Vegas. We were too busy playing roulette, pai gow poker and blackjack to be bothered with our camera. But, I've got something way better! I think it's been a while since I did a Chloe overload post. So here you are:

Daddy hung Chloe's swing for her!

Mark doing his best Chloe impression.

Chloe hinting that she wants to go to Disney World.

Our child is half woodchuck.

Showing the chompers that did the damage.

Trying to figure out the walking thing.

Stuck under the exersaucer. That's a mad Chloe.

Just plain cute.

Mom and Chloe.


  1. Love the Chloe overload pics! Hope ya'll had a good time in Vegas!
    PS- yep it was wrapping paper! I have it in pink polka dots too! :)

  2. Did you come home rich? Hope the swing goes straight with the rope twisted. She will enjoy it. She is sure using her strong little teeth for you to have a job to do. She is a busy girl as she goes about her chores. I love to see the way she stays busy. Her p.j.s are so cute. Darling Mama and daughter picture Kim.


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