Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Playdate with Kennedy

Chloe and I went to visit Kennedy and Ashauntee today. We decided to go to a local park. Once we got there, we realized they didn't have swings which is a problem when you have kiddos that aren't walking yet. But, the girls were pretty content to play in the wood chips. What can I say? At least it wasn't sand. I have major issues with's a giant litter box for cats, raccoons and rodents. Gross!

We had fun until a giant, and I mean GIANT, spider crawled out of the wood chips. After that, it was time to leave so we went back to Ashuntee's for a bit.

Kennedy has some crazy balance. Look how she's sitting!

Sharing or not?

Showing off their find.

Chloe had the better wood chips. Kennedy needed to check them out.

Working together!

Showing off another find.
I LOVE to watch these girls play together. It is fascinating to watch them develop their social skills.

I was telling Ashauntee today that I think Kennedy helps Chloe learn her new skills. For example, the day Chloe started crawling, we had been to see Kennedy and she was crawling all over the place. It was like Chloe watched her do it and then thought 'Oh, that's what I'm supposed to do!'


  1. I have to laugh about the catbox thing. That is so true and I never thought about it that way LOL.
    Good to remember when we go to the park in the warmer weather lol.
    And I have to tell you - the first picture, if I didn't know better, I would say I was looking at a profile shot of Julianna!! Those cheeks and the hair are identical LOL! Sooo cute! :)

  2. What great fun they are having with each other. They are sure sharing there trophy with each other. Glad you saw the spider before they thought it had come to play with them. Good job Kim teaching Chloe to enjoy friends.

  3. Bet you and Ashauntee had a much fun as the girls!

  4. They are so cute playing together! I agree about the sandbox thing.....YUCK!


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