Wednesday, April 6, 2011

As My Husband Would Say, "That's Weak Sauce"

I got a speeding ticket yesterday. 30 in a 25 thank you very much. Apparently, there is a section of road in my neighborhood between two stop signs that drops from 30 to 25. It then goes right back up to 30. This is more commonly known as a speed trap. How I lived in this neighborhood for over 3 years and didn't know that is beyond me.

Not only did I get a ticket for speeding but I also received one for expired registration. Now, I had every intention of getting that tag. After all, it is SUPER DUPER easy to get online and renew it. However, I lost the paperwork for it. So, I had been casually looking for it around the house thinking I just won't get pulled over. No problem. I'm generally a rule follower anyway. WRONG. I found the paper work on Monday (the day BEFORE I got the ticket). My plan was to do it as soon as I got back from Vegas. ARG!

Well, I went to the JP office and tax annex today to get the new registration ticket, plead guilty (like a criminal) and ask for deferred disposition (where you take Defensive Driving to have the offense removed from your record).  I got the registration sticker but the JP office is CLOSED FOR EMPLOYEE TRAINING.

 It's ok though. Because, they "are sorry for the inconvenience" of me getting myself and a 10 month old ready (which takes close to 2 hours), driving to the annex only to have to turn around and do it all again tomorrow.

That's what I get for speeding! Now I REALLY need this vacation.


  1. Ya know what grinds my gears...That cop has nothing better to do than detain the hardend criminals driving 30mph like a bat out of hell down your street.

    This story is a perfect example of how people can get away with murder, make it across a border, and never be seen again....but the mother of a 10-month old, probably driving to the store for diapers or formula, is clearly a nuisance to society. I understand speeding tickets, but if you're driving at a speed that you can possibly count the pieces of gravel in the road....give me a break. Hey cop....Go work as a telemarketer if your only goal in life was to sit on your a$$ and harass middle class america.

    And I'm done.

    *Steps off soapbox*

  2. Kim, I think Brother would make a terrfic politician. He certainly gets my vote. Bless your heart as you tried to make everything right. Yes, you do need a break and everything seems to be working in your direction. I have to admit that I remember times when the world seemed to come tumbling down but things worked out. Have a great time and remember God is always at your side. Say Hi to Brother.

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  5. The cops have nothing better to do - your brother is right! Sad!!!

  6. So trueeee ^ the police really don't have anything to do. And they have to hit a quota at the end of the month, my brother is a police officer ahahah. He tells me that they get desperate by a certain time to reach quota. It's ridiculous.


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