Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bug's First Easter

It's Bug's first Easter. We got up early this morning to get everyone ready for church. I think we all looked pretty sharp. I did not purposely match my daughter...I'm not that mom. But, it happened.

Bug is too little to hunt eggs this year. The Easter Bunny must have known because he brought her a basket of goodies instead. She got three new pairs of pajamas, a Bernstein Bears book, a Little Critter book, a stuffed bunny, a blue sun hat and her Easter Basket that will be used for years to come. I think she liked her stuff.

The Easter Bunny was good to Bug. She's been eating her carrots.
After church, we went to Oasis for lunch. We are at home napping right now. When everyone wakes up, we will go see our friends Katie, Chris and Cohen for some fun. We will wrap things up by having dinner with Hubby's parents at Z'Tejas. It's a busy, wonderful Easter for us here at Granthamania.

Miss you Shorty, Pop and Uncle J! Hope we can celebrate with you all next year. Happy Easter! Love you.


  1. We miss you too..we will not miss next year and Chloe's first egg hunt!!! Glad you are having a great day. Can't wait to see all Chloe's stuff.

  2. Kim,you helped make this a wonderful Easter. The family picture is so sweet and you and Chloe are so pretty. Glad the Easter Bunny was so thoughtful and kind to Chloe. She is so cute looking at all the goodies she received. I had a very nice lunch and egg hunt with Devonn, Danny, Grandkids and Greatgrands. I feel so blessed.

  3. Aw what a cute little outfit for Chloe!! :)

  4. I love that family picture! Chloe's dress is awesome, Shorty did an amazing job! Hope Chloe had a great first Easter!!

  5. SO SO cute!! even though you didn't plan it - you two look super cute matching :) Love the pic of all three of you!

  6. Love the family pictures, especially the one of you and her!


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