Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Silly Baby

Playtime was fun today!

First we had tummy time.

Then we chillaxed.

Next, we tried the Bumbo out...doesn't look to comfy does it?
I'm happy, though!

Then I decided it was time to eat.

Dad distracted me with the camera.

But I was still hungry.

And mom's hand tastes delicious!

Mom also told me I got a new second cousin today!

I'm in shock! When can we meet her!?

Congrats to the special family!


  1. Looks like you and Chloe had a productive day.

  2. Looks like y'all had a great day! Ansley would like to meet Chloe as soon as possible! She wants to be buds! Love you!

  3. Sure would like to see them together sometime. Greatgrandmas hearts leap with joy to have greatgrandkids. Love is not complete till you can see the little angels from God. I have been very blessed, first with my baby girls then with 4 grandchildren, now with 5 greatgrandchhildren. Life has been good to Grandpa and Me. Love to all.

  4. Fun day is a good day to share with others. She certainly watches all your moves. Ican just hear your giggles Kim. She looks so cute in one of outfits she has. Boy,can she turn her head around to see everything going on in the room. Be glad she doesn't have teeth yet,you my taste too good. Mark sure is a proud Daddy.

  5. I love your photo essay, Kim! Love her outfit, too!

  6. What a cutie!! I'm a May mom also and we spend our days pretty much like you!


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