Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fashion Show

I couldn't resist having a fashion show with Miss Chloe. Shorty (my mom) made some super cute outfits for Chloe. They are still a bit big but I wanted to show off my mom's creative talents and of course, Chloe's gorgeous looks!

Thank you, Shorty! We love the new clothes. We really love the fact that nobody else will have them! You're so talented.


  1. Kim and Chloe, I have loved seeing your fashion show. Shorty fixed you up real good. I thought her seeing her feet showing from the TT skirt was a surprise. She has wonderful expressions on her sweet face. Thanks for taking time to share this special event.

  2. Looks like Chloe was thrilled with her fashion show. lol Or maybe she is practicing her blue steel look.

  3. Ok, I have lots of catch-up comments.
    1. What an awesome opportunity for Mark to work at GOOGLE!!! That is one of my hubby's dream companies to work for. How is it going so far?
    2. Totally agree about the silverware facing down in the dishwasher. And its absolutely necessary to wash everything before putting it in the dishwasher. The dishwasher is just a step in the whole washing process!
    I actually set my cups up though--guess I should check them for dust.
    3. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the outfits your mom made! Especially the Texas Tech ones. Can I order a TT tutu in Saylor's size?
    And you have the most precious little model to show all the hard work off!

  4. Your mom is very talented! I love her outfits. :) This is the cutest fashion show ever!

  5. @Sarah I'll be happy to make a tutu for Saylor but they are really easy to make...I'll post directions in a few days.


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