Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Toys for Chloe

Two blogs in one day? See previous post: California

Chloe has found two new things that she likes to play with:

Uncle Josh
This video is cute. Chloe is talking to Josh. Who knows what she's telling him but it is clearly important. Josh is making faces and noises at her and she jumps almost every time.

Her Hands
We've been working on the hands for a while now. She gets a little better every day. The first time she tried to 'work' her hands, she was concentrating so hard that her whole body was shaking and I thought she was having a seizure. I guess she really wants to have control of her hands!


  1. She is sure growing. Love the videos. Have Josh put a mirror on the floor and then lean over it to see how scary he looks when Chloe sees him from that angle. He might be more scary than you thought. Glad you got to spend time with Shorty and Pop.

  2. What a great time everyone was having with Chloe entertaining all of you. She might make a young bellydancer in a few years. Wish I still had the phone rattler my babies used when they were gripping things. She sure was telling Uncle Jose a tall tale. She is a special sweetie. I watch each day for the "NEWS OF CHLOE" and all the family near and far.

  3. Goodness she is cute! I bet she's excited for her daddy to home! Hope you girls had fun at Shorty and Pop's!!

  4. Josh had so much fun entertaining Chloe. He gets more and more excited to see her becoming "human" as he would say. We loved the week with you and Chloe. I'm glad you got to come and stay.


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