Thursday, August 5, 2010

T.V. Made for Me

Mark and I love to cuddle up together after Chloe goes to bed watch a little television. We don't watch all that much but here are the few that we make a point to see:

The hit vampire series on HBO. I believe I became 'addicted' last year. I missed the season finale because we canceled HBO. Mark and I are now caught up thanks to AT&T UVerse! They offered us free HBO for 3 months. (BTW-It never hurts to call your cable company and ask what promotions they are offering. Mark does this periodically and that's how we get free movie channels.) Call me crazy but I think Eric is my favorite hunk this season.

Top Chef
A reality show on Bravo based on our favorite topic: food! This season takes place in Washington D.C. Mark and I love to pick our favorite chef and watch the drama unfold (and dream of how delicious the food tastes). This season we like Kenny and Angelo but Tiffany (from Dallas) is hard to not like. 

Daniel Tosh is hilarious. Most of this stand-up comedian's show is done in front of a green screen. He delivers one-liners and off-color jokes about web video clips. This is the funniest show I have seen in a long, long time.

Enjoy this video clip that had Mark and I laughing through the commercial break from last night's episode.

Of course, we can't wait for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's new season!!

What are your favorite shows?


  1. Isn't funny how the tv is always going but there is very little on to watch.
    Anyway, I like Entorage, Tosh.0 (so many things he says are inappropriate but he is hillarious)and of course our old standard The Amazing Race.

  2. I watch way too much tv- too much to even list without feeling super guilty!

  3. Glad you can be entertained by the shows you named.I've never heard of them. I couldn't watch many shows your Mama watched. She would come home and say Mama you can go to see that one.Great memories that bring joy to my heart and laughter.

  4. Todd and I LOVE Tosh.O!! It's one of our faves. We are thinking about getting tickets to the Daniel Tosh comedy tour... he is coming to Dallas soon. I also love True Blood, but haven't seen it lately, as we don't have HBO! Weeds is also one of my faves :)

  5. Eric is just plain sexy but some of the werewolves.. whoah!! Loveee True Blood!


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