Sunday, August 29, 2010

1st Trip to Church

Chloe had her first trip to church this morning! It went surprisingly well. I tell you what, though, babies are a magnet for the 65+ crowd. Especially, the men. Wasn't expecting that...I don't think there was a senior citizen gentleman that didn't come up to ask about Chloe. (We went grocery shopping afterward and a gentleman approached us there, too!)

As we were walking through the door of the church, one of the greeters said to Mark, 'Excuse me sir, I need  to talk to you.' Of course, this was after they asked us if we were baptizing her today. (The answer to that is no. I believe children are innocent and pure. She will be baptized when she can make that decision for herself. It's my job to help guide her in a direction where she wants to do it. Nor do I believe that baptism is a requirement for my soap box now.)

Mark turned around and I could tell he was getting a bit defensive. The gentleman walked up and said, 'Now, you need to get a bat. Any bat will do. A nice aluminum one or a wiffleball bat works nice.' I was cracking up inside because it took Mark a while to figure out that the man was talking about keeping the boys away.

Daddy and Chloe before church.

Mommy and Chloe before church.

Chloe in her fancy dress from Aunt Ellen.

Daddy and Chloe in the sanctuary
(before the service started)

Chloe crashed after we moved to the nursery area
We tried to stay in the sanctuary but we thought Chloe was going to start fussing so we went into the nursery area. They have gliders, a changing station and colors and crayons for the older kids. The nursery is at the back of the sanctuary and has big windows for you to watch the service while you rock your baby! It's pretty neat but the speaker was right above our chair and when the quartet started singing, Chloe jumped a bit. It was pretty loud!


  1. Sounds like the morning went great. Pop will pitch in for the bat if you want. lol Chloe looks so pretty in her "Aunt Ellen" dress and headband, so prim and proper.

  2. Glad y'all 1st church experience with Ms. Chloe went so well! She looked precious is her fancy dress! Not to mention, you look awesome!

  3. Chloe looks so excited. She is sure it is really special because she can sense your anxiety. You all looked so nice. Glad her first Sunday in church went well and she could relax and rest. She will catch every ones eye.


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