Monday, August 9, 2010

LAX 101

Chloe had a very busy Sunday! We started off going on a walk and hanging out at the park with Marisa and Gaél. We had a lot of fun at the park. Gaél is really getting his feet under him, literally. He moves so fast now!

We came home and changed and went with Daddy to his lacrosse game. (He's been playing an indoor league and really seems to enjoy it.) I think Mark wanted to show Chloe off to all of his friends. Chloe was in a great mood the whole time. She even watched the game some. She made it through (no crying!!) four twenty minute quarters with a quick nap in the third quarter. I couldn't believe it...we even drove two cars in anticipation of a meltdown but I guess Chloe is a sports girl. I am not so naive. I know that if we had taken one car, the girl wouldn't have lasted 10 minutes.


I'd ask you to excuse the 'no make-up' situation here but your not looking at me are you?
You're looking at that beautiful baby!

Pooped from all the lacrosse action.

Daddy is sweating (and stinky). We still love you, daddy.

Daddy and some long pole action. DE-FENSE!!

Zach is looking quite bored here. You might remember Zach from this previous post. He was the goalie for Texas Tech while Mark was playing. He and Chandy had their baby, Rocco, on Father's Day!


Here is a picture of Chloe in her onesie we bought while we were in NYC. I think I was about 12 or so weeks pregnant when we went. Obviously, we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl.


Also, Daddy borrowed the neighbors' power washer and cleaned our driveway. See how clean it looks here? Our driveway was green. Gross!


We are anxious to see Ansley!


  1. Sounds like Chloe is quite the trooper. She is going to humor her Daddy just like all baby girls. Glad Mark had fun playing and working. Looks like you took the fence down between your and Abel's house.

  2. Of course she wants to see her Daddy perform for her. All little girls adore their Daddy and so does the Mama. She just had to rest her big blue eyes.Glad you can take her out so much. I bet her little nose curled when she got near her hero. I am always happy to see the pretty Mama and her sweet smile too.

  3. Yes, we took down the fence and the bushes between the houses. What can I say? Abel and Erika love us! ha ha

  4. I think you look great! I'm pretty sure Chloe has her daddy wrapped around her finger, so she feels like she needs to "humor" him and his sports! :) Just kidding, I'm glad she enjoyed it, that's a good sign for the future! Thanks for the well wishes! We'll let y'all know how it goes!

  5. Kim, Chloe could be on a billboard in NYC. That is the expression seen on all tourist trying to get across the crowded streets. I,m sure you and Mark felt that way. My friends and I dreaded the horrible traffic in NYC. It sure got our heart rate up. She looks so cute with the taxi on her tummy. You got a great momento of your trip to show her someday.

  6. Kim, You could place the NYC picture on a billboard in Time Square and make good money. Chloe sees the taxi's coming at her and tries to slow down their speed. Iknow you and Mark hit a few panic buttons. My friends and me did many times. I had been there many years before our sweet husbands sent us on the trip. That was a perfect momento you chose to share with your baby some day. It looks real cute on her. She is so cute.

  7. What a good girl! How fun to be able to take her to the games!! ...and the taxi onsie is so cute!


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