Friday, June 3, 2011

Beach Baby

I realize I haven't done several things on here: Chloe's 12 month post, share her birthday or update anyone in general. I have been very busy running our social media campaigns at borrowed sugar (my employer), helping Mark with a few projects and raising miss Chloe. As my mom's answering machine so famously stated: "Due to general chaos and mass confusion we can't get to the" blog "right now"..."we'll be happy to" get back to you as soon as a ceasefire has been negotiated."

So I will be getting her birthday posts up someday but you'll have to settle for my beach baby for now. Chloe and I went to League City for a few days to give Shorty and Pop some quality time with their favorite daughter granddaughter. Mom and I took Chloe to Galveston on Wednesday to let her play in the surf a little. It was her first trip to a beach. I couldn't decide on which pictures were my favorites so I put a slideshow together with all of them.

Playing Puppy

Shorty helping Chloe walk

Kissing Pop's knee

That's a strange way to eat your bread, Chloe.


  1. Looks like everyone enjoyed the day at the beach. Glad you had a short vacation. Landry enjoyed seeing the video and could call all your names without help.

  2. Glad you and Chloe had a fun trip to see Shorty and Pops. It looked like a good time spent at the beach. All of you looked so happy as you played in the sand and water.Chloe sure does study everything that is new to her. I liked the music you shared on the beach.

  3. Looks like y'all had fun at Shorty & Pop's! Loved the slideshow-Landry had to watch it with me. And the whole time, all I could hear was "oh, Coee", Oh, there's Coee! Silly kids. glad y'all had a good time!

  4. We had a good time too! I'm going to post Kemah when I get a chance.
    Glad you did a slide show for the beach. Love the song.


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