Friday, June 3, 2011

12 Months (or 1 Year)

Chloe, it's May 28, 2011 and you are one year old today!

You weigh 21 pounds 8 oz (60th percentile) and you are 30.5 inches tall (90th percentile).

You are sleeping from 8:30 to 7ish with two naps a day. Some days you don't want a second nap. I don't mind but I hate guessing.

You are switching to whole milk this week. You're not a big fan but the doctor says that's ok. She wants you to drink less milk anyway.

You're not walking yet. You are very close. You make sure you have hold of someone or something before you take any steps. You just need some confidence.
Your vocabulary is impressive. The doctor was shocked today when you said, 'Hi!' as she walked in the room. She asked what else you say. The answer: ball, dog, yeah, hi, mama, dada, bird, book and you have a variation of 'What's that?' You leave off the end of the word so ball becomes 'ba' and bird is 'bir' but the doctor said it counts as long as you know what you are talking about...and you do.

You love to play games. Some of your favorites are: climb on the couch, race mom/dad up the stairs, climb over mom/dad and fall down. Fall down is really cute. You'll be crawling along and you'll throw yourself on to your belly with your arms and legs out and say, 'ouch' or 'ohhh'. Not sure where or how you learned it. It's pretty obvious you love attention and you feed off someone's reaction to get a laugh.

I can't believe it's been a whole year since we met you face to face. Your dad and I are having a blast. We hope you are, too!
We love you!

Here is Chloe eating her smash cake at her party. It gets good at 3:30.


  1. Love the video. Sorry I talked so much through the whole thing.:/ Next time maybe someone else who doesn't talk so much should hold the camera. Can't believe it's been a year!!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE!! I am blown away she's a year, feel like I've watch her grow so much because of your blog. Seems like yesterday I was messaging you asking about your delivery because I was so scared of my own. I LOVE THE VIDEO, she's like oh man I've been missing out, and I’ve got to get this good stuff in my mouth as quick as possible.

  3. Chloe looks so cute with her special monkey. She sure is saying words and sounds early. She has things to do and places to go just like you and Diane. The birthday cake sure took a christening. It made my mouth water just watching her eat it. I love the red glow her hair has and the curls too. Her pretty outfit Shorty made for this party looks so cute on her.

  4. Oh my, she loved that cake!!! My kind of girl :) Such a cute video and love her outfit!

  5. I just realized I haven't even commented on here even though I've watched the cake video several times! Miss Chloe sure loved her some cake! Glad she had a great 1st birthday. We love you precious girl!

  6. Look at all those words Chloe can say! That is just awesome! And she is such a good sleeper! THat's the best isn't it?! Isn't it amazing how much they start to look like 'kids' now and not babies! We say that to Julianna every night before she goes to bed how big she is getting! We even put her in the 2 pc PJs and we call them Big-girl PJs LOL.


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